Decisions, decisions,…

Race Version Storage Version
I do the body work and paint it for $295 plus $150 shipping [savings $100]. I do the body work and paint it for $395 plus $150 shipping [savings $100].
To paint my fairing, I need a small container of Bondo, sandpaper, a spray can of primer, and a spray can of paint. I can do it myself and save. If I do the finishing, it will be a new experience ~ no fiberglass work for me.

In the meantime, I’ve prepared my CT700 to receive Jeff’s tail fairing.

Here I’ve removed the 2 triangle bags, the fender, and the stainless steel bottles that I hid my DiNotte batteries in, as well as the down-tube bag that concealed my AirZound Horn bottle.



A slot from above. My 2 DiNotte batteries are strapped on the seat cross-member. I’ve stretched the neck rest cover over its bracket.

Another side view showing the battery position. At this point, I intend to get the racing version of the fairing, with no storage. my water bag is mounted beneath the seat.



Nothing new on the left side. My Garmin Edge 305 GPS is not mounted in this photo.

My former DiNotte battery holder [the stainless steel water bottle, withe the bottom removed] now conceals the AirZound Horn bottle. I’ve also relocated my Garmin Nuvi GPS. Ultimately, I’ll use and Edge 705.



I’ve moved my cell-phone from the center to the right handlebar extender and well as the AirZound Horn. Once I put on the front faring, I may well relocate a few more items.