Decisions, decisions,…

Race Version Storage Version
I do the body work and paint it for $295 plus $150 shipping [savings $100]. I do the body work and paint it for $395 plus $150 shipping [savings $100].
To paint my fairing, I need a small container of Bondo, sandpaper, a spray can of primer, and a spray can of paint. I can do it myself and save. If I do the finishing, it will be a new experience ~ no fiberglass work for me.

In the meantime, I’ve prepared my CT700 to receive Jeff’s tail fairing.

Here I’ve removed the 2 triangle bags, the fender, and the stainless steel bottles that I hid my DiNotte batteries in, as well as the down-tube bag that concealed my AirZound Horn bottle.



A slot from above. My 2 DiNotte batteries are strapped on the seat cross-member. I’ve stretched the neck rest cover over its bracket.

Another side view showing the battery position. At this point, I intend to get the racing version of the fairing, with no storage. my water bag is mounted beneath the seat.



Nothing new on the left side. My Garmin Edge 305 GPS is not mounted in this photo.

My former DiNotte battery holder [the stainless steel water bottle, withe the bottom removed] now conceals the AirZound Horn bottle. I’ve also relocated my Garmin Nuvi GPS. Ultimately, I’ll use and Edge 705.



I’ve moved my cell-phone from the center to the right handlebar extender and well as the AirZound Horn. Once I put on the front faring, I may well relocate a few more items.

A tail fairing for a Catrike 700

Checking the BROL front page, I find this from Jeff Bales [BROL Member Goblin]:

Quoted from the front page article:

It is designed to be aerodynamic without being overly large and heavy. You’ll notice the unique design that allows the 700 rear wheel to protrude without being faired. Obviously, for even better aerodynamics, riders can use wheel discs. By keeping the fairing tucked in behind the seat I can keep the weight down and get the speed up.

Just as I thought I was finished with Silk’s exterior, there is something else to consider. Of course, they have it in black. 

Front fairing added recently [posted 03/03].

Catrike Messageboard Thread.

Comments please…

Fairing adjustments

BROL Member Clu4u [John] says: [BROL Thread]

Hi Jim, I think that Silk looks even better with the fairing on, as long as
you can see the road!

Could you swing the TerraCycle accessory mount down under the fairing support and shine the light under the fairing? Then you wouldn’t have reflection, but your light pattern on the road might not be as desirable. Seems like it would be worth a try. Farings are certainly nice to keep the toes warm and dry. Very cool!

I’d be interested in seeing a side view with you on Silk. It looks to me as if the fairing could go down a little by sliding the support forward, but the location relative to you is the important thing.

Well, I tried the fairing adjustment. That is, I slid it as for forward as possible and still allowing for foot clearance. In this position, I found the black horizontal bar for top faring support obscures my vision. Since I cannot get the fairing low enough to see over it, why not raise it as I once had it.

Before today’s commute, I raised the fairing about 2 inches. The horizontal bar no longer obscures my vision. Of course, I still looking through the fairing. That is not a problem. In the higher position. I think I’ll have greater rain protection. We shall see.

BTW, I like the faining on the trike. I still get plenty of air. Will it be enough on a 95+ degree day? Again, we shall see. I’m expecting fewer bugs.

Also, the fairing does easily scratch. The instructions warn of this and I know this from the fairing on my SXP. I’ve tried ti polish out to no real avail. Oh well…

Fairing Installation Adjustments

Here is what I have done:

  1. I lowered the fairing, and then had to raise it, to allow my large ridding sandals to clear the horizontal mounting bar. I still look through the faring. When I ride fast, I no longer have the wind in my face feeling. That may be OK if bugs also stay out of my mouth.
  2. I also used the upper mounting holes for the lower attachment point. This allows the fairing to sit with 1/2″ of my NiteRider Flight Light. Eventually, I plan to replace it with a DiNotte 600L Lamp and then use the Flight as a helmet light.
  3. I shorten [by about 3/8″] the 2 screws that go in the horizontal bar. This took care of my uneven problem I described earlier.

I have a busy computer day today, I’d love to get a long trike ride in however. Since Friday of last week, I’ve been riding about 10 miles per day on my DF as I have used it for transportation while my van is down. It has been good interval training.

Mueller XT Fairing added to Silk’s attire

The Mueller XT Fairing has been added to Silk’s attire.
What do you think?


BROL Thread , with commentary on this fairing

I purchased the fairing from Utah Trikes – Ashley Guy, POC. This is the tinted fairing. I have placed my main light and reflector inside the fairing. The light is about 1.5″ from the fairing. I had to order 7/8″ clamps from Terracycle for their accessory mount–Thanks Robert.

o opportunity today to test ride. I may ride in rain later and test the light. As I checked it in daylight, its closeness to the fairing eliminates reflection.

My plan is to leave the fairing on the majority of the time. I’ll know after riding in hot weather.

I have one minor problem. The fairing does not sit level, although the bar it attaches to is level. I’m hoping the sun will correct. If not, maybe my heat gun. Ashley thinks heat may fix it.

nyway, dry toes in the rain, warmer toes in the cold.

, what are your comments…

BTW, given the 700 laid-back riding position my view is through the fairing. I “see” no way to view the road over it on the 700. The view is not distorted, however.


Let’s Stay As Warm As We Can!

OK! I have the fairing and it blocks some cold air, particularly when it was more upright. But, I am suppose to ride looking over the fairing, not through it. Well, that means the face catches more cold air. What to do? Check this BROL thread.

A full-face shield in addition to a fairing helps.

Skymax, a BROL Member, uses this setup.
Given my previously modified helmet for night riding and my reading of the thread above, I further modified my helmet to add a full-face shield. There is a bit of air the comes in from the chin area. This helps dissipate fogging, which is not too bad. That is, fogging did not obscure my vision. The thread above gives a solution to fogging. Over all I am pleased. As is always the case, I need a much longer ride to fully know that it does what I installed it to do and that I can ride safely.
Helmet pictures before the face shield is added.
The device on top of the helmet is a hand-cranked light to be used
for emergency lighting, i.e., changing a tire at night.

Full-face shield added

A few more shots–the background shot (above) is a view through the shield.

The images above are indoor shots. Note the reflective decals
(they are black, but reflects as white).
Image #6 [R2C3] is a view through the full-face shield.

Installation: The shield came wider that I expected. Pictures do not always reveal the dimension that you will be working with. I used my Dremel to remove just over an inch from the left and right side of the shield. There is a line where I cut the shield. You can clearly see the lines I used to cut in this link. Be careful with your Dremel speed to not melt the polycarbonate. If you get melt, it is more difficult to remove. As you see in my before pictures above, I already had a visor for shade and rain protection on the helmet. Well I do not need if for rain now, but I still wanted to retain the look I had and have shading from the sun. To my knowledge, I achieved that. I’ll have to ride in the rain and see how this works. I’ll report back.

Setup Update

The RANS Stratus XP as of 12/09/2006. This picture shows a more laid back fairing position. This is the basic position of the fairing for my return trip from Richmond, Virginia. Since return, I’ve made a few minor tweaks. I ride seeing over the faring. My knees just clear the devices on the handlebar. I still would like to straighten (raise) the handle bar just a bit. The panniers beneath the seat are about 1.5-2″ further forward & the tail-light assembly has been shortened by 2.5 inches. It now sits at the very end of the Angletech Aerotrunk. The B&M DIWA tail-light is mounted differently in the neck rest. As reported earlier, the XM Radio in now on the handlebar, versus the top tube. I also moved the seat a inch or two forward & placed the safety flag on the right side of the bike instead of to the left and within the seat back. I’ll see if this eliminates knee cap pain after riding over 50 miles. I think I have finished moving things around. My check ride confirmed the positioning is OK. Maybe tomorrow I can get in a ride of 30 miles or so.

A collage showing photographs from different angles.