Photography ~ Cam-n-van–Waiting for Rain, 11/02

…also got a train.


Photography ~ Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina Light Trails, 10/07

West, looking east…

Photography ~ Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina—West End, 09/25 & 09/26



Photography ~ Fayetteville, North Carolina–Other First Quarter Moon Shots, 01/24

I think dusk shots are better because of more contrast between the moon and the sky.

My 01/24 Cover Shot [the monochrome one].


DIY [# 25] ~ Photography–“PHOTOS” Sign & Stand, w/Top Hat, 07/05

This dimension of my advertising sign is finished

Removing the lights is now as simple as lifting the “top hat.” [background]TopHatDoneIMG_9605