Photography ~ Happenings in the ‘ville–Alejandro Pinzon [A Proposal], 12/17/2016

Sealed with a kiss [actually several]–all on 12/17/2016. The best to them…

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Photography ~ Happenings in the ‘ville–Alejandro Pinzon [A Marriage], 12/17/2016

They were married 12/17/2016. Alejandro complemented their day.

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Photography ~ Happenings in the ‘ville–Alejandro Pinzon, 12/17/2016

Romantic experiences in Fayetteville, North Carolina

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My pictures of “Alex” of Upscale Strings ~ Also Facebook

Photography ~ Happenings in the ‘ville, 12/17/2016

That is Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Entertainment ~ Hope “Inn” Bethlehem, 12/10

A Christmas Musical, Stewart Theater, Dunn, North Carolina.

I attended this uplifting performance Saturday Night and took several pictures. I have uploaded them to this Flickr Album. Following are some of the photographs I took from the balcony–handheld, with ambient lighting. The story was compelling. There are two performances today, 12/11, at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm EST.

Entertainment ~ WIDU 2016 Anniversary Celebration–Flickr Top Two, 11/19

DJI Osmo Mobile 9shot iPhone 7 Plus Pics @ the Fay., NC Crown Coliseum, WIDU 58th Anniversary Celebration.

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Entertainment ~ WIDU 2016 Anniversary Celebration–58 Years, 10/01-10/08 [11/17]

Given Hurricane Matthew, it is showtime.

The October 8, 2016, WIDU 58th Anniversary Celebration was postponed until November 17, 2016. The headliners gave fabulous performances–enjoyed by an enthusiastic crowd.