Photography ~ Saturday Evening–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina, 10/20

Shots from the First Baptist Church [Anderson & Old Streets] parking lot. I met their pastor, Rob James.

At times, the sky was fiery red.

I shared with Pastor James pictures I have taken of his church, to include texting him a link to my dedicated album for his church pictures.


Photography ~ Super Blue Moon in Fayetteville, North Carolina, 01/31

The second full moon for January [Blue Moon] rises @ 06:05 pm EST.

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Do you see my Double Transit of the moon by two airliners?

Commercial aircraft Double Transit the moon [It was over in a slit second]

I am one lucky guy!


Photography ~ Mini Greenhouse, iPhone 7 Plus @ Dusk, 11/04

I expect my DSLR shots to be intriging…

DIY [# 25] ~ Photography–“PHOTOS” Sign & Stand, w/Top Hat, 07/05

This dimension of my advertising sign is finished

Removing the lights is now as simple as lifting the “top hat.” [background]TopHatDoneIMG_9605

Place ~ North Carolina State University [NCSU], Raleigh, North Carolina, 11/07

I was on campus for Hillary Clinton’s Midnight Rally at Reynolds Coliseum.

The building was filled with energy–it may have exploded at any moment. First, though, see the campus near the coliseum and the Student Union just before and at twilight. I think Reverend Bernard Hayes will like these. He’s an NCSU Grad.

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