DIY [# 29] ~ Videography–iPad Pro 10.5 Video Rig, 07/16

I have refined this project and added audio, using the Sound Shark Parabolic Microphone.

A week ago I set out to look at “my pad” on a video rig. I see promise.

I went to validate my configuration from earlier today where I want to use my iPad Pro 10.5 as a 4K video camera for the 2017 International Folks Festival Parade of Nations in Fayetteville, North Carolina late September.

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Event ~ Solar Eclipse–August 21, 2017, more getting ready, 07/12

This time, protection of the eyes from the potentially blinding sun rays, it one looks at sun before or after totality. Of course, that is always the case.

I have basically covered my photographic kit. Today, it is eye protection. I could have ordered glasses or an eclipse board. I chose to make my own–another DIY–this one DIY [# 27] for 2017. I have finished construction and painting [see my comment]. This is what I came up with:


Olivia will decorate them. That should be interesting!


DIY [# 25] ~ Photography–“PHOTOS” Sign, w/Stand and Top Hat, 07/01 & 07/02

This Cap/Hat is to make it easier to put on/take of the sign lights

Left, the sign with no easy-removal-top. Right, the mods.

It is a work in progress. I have applied two coats of white paint and expect at least two more. Since I am using plywood, I have cracks and holes to fill. I’ve used wood filler and now, silicone sealant.

After painting, I will mount the two lights. With the lights off, it will be easier to put the sign in & out of the van, as well as charge the lights.

So far–good!

Stay tuned…