Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup–More rain protection…, 10/31

I expect to check this additional protection Friday, 11/02

Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup–Continued from 10/11…, 10/25

Now, to add the umbrella…

We have 12-hours or so of rain tomorrow–mostly during the day. If I am lucky, I will capture some day and night shots. I hope to see the dreariness and the reflections from the wetness. Anyway, the umbrella is to keep the rear opening of the van devoid of water.

My dry testing worked well. I captured rain during Hurricane Michael–no wet streets there though.

DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Finished–DSLR Photos, 10/25

This was a pleasure to build. Finishing takes a long time though…

Bare DIY BenchDIY Bench with tripod

DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Finished, 10/25

Four coats of polyurethane, two of Tung Oil, and waxed with paste wax.

The pad is in place and the tripod at rest for transport.

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DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Multifunctional, 10/23

With a surface that wants to be used when I am not sitting on it…

This works well!

Storage for my other tripod.


DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand–Build Complete, 10/22

Added back brace/end-caps ~ more polyurethane ~ fitted to van

Fitted and in place in the van.

Mounted in van…


DIY ~ Photographer’s Bench/Seat/Stand, 10/21

A piece of kit for those times when I’m working low.

IMG_2149(Edited)Multipurpose, of sorts.

In addition to sitting, I can use it to photograph objects placed thereon.

I built it yesterday, Saturday, 10/20, from an 8-foot board. By design, it is sized to fit in a specific place in the van.

During travel, I will anchor it to the van’s slide-out tray, thus the base that has 2 holes drilled in the right side [as you face it] for anchor bolts to pass through.

I am currently in the process of finishing the wood– a second coat of satin polyurethane applied.