Dashboard Updated

A few changes: 1) I designed a holder for my Garmin GPSmap 76CSx so that I can also use the mapping GPS on my lowracer. I can also use it on my 2 DFs and my RANS Stratus XP. Should I participate in randonneuring events [brevets] on the VK2 or want routing information when riding it, the bike is now equipped to use the 76CSx on the tiller. The photos above show the GPS and its bracket on the bike. Actually, I’ve modified 2 other brackets (one for my Trek Project One and one for my Trek 5200). I still have to setup the GPS on my RANS Stratus XP and post the pictures. 2) Given the 76CSx mounting location, I moved my Garmin Edge 305 to the left side of the tiller and the AirZound horn to the bracket holding the NiteRider Evolution Smart switch. [click on the photo to enlarge]