Hurricane Florence ~ The Cape Fear River at Fayetteville, North Carolina has receded to normal levels, 09/25

The residue of mud clearly shows where the river was a week ago as it crested at about 61 feet last Tuesday, 09/18.



Hurricane Florence ~ Some of the Fayetteville, North Carolina Aftermath, 09/25

Cool Spring Street at the bridge crossing Cross Creek

Although the bridge was not washed out as it was by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the street remains closed a week after the Cape Fear River crested. You can see from the mud on the plants and the roadway, there was harrowing flooding for those who live nearby. I am sure they wonder when this will be over… Contrast what I saw today with what I saw the morning of the 16th.

I visited the newly replaced bridge in Cross Creek Park. I can see the creek came out of its banks there as well but with less impact, or so it seems…

Photography ~ Cape Fear River & Cross Creek, 4 Days after Florence’s onset of Fayetteville, NC, 09/18

The river is at or near crest. Cross Creek is receeding

Cape Fear River Flooding

Cross Creek Receeding


Photography ~ Cape Fear River, 4 Days after Florence’s onset of Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/18

The river is to crest around 8:00 am at 61.5 feet. Fifty-eight feet and above is major flooding for Fayetteville.


Photography ~ “Florence,” 3 Days after its onset of Fayetteville, North Carolina [Cross Creek], 09/17

Two Bridges ~ Cross Creek Park, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/12

Returns after destruction 2 years ago by Hurricane Matthew

What was…img_2543-cr2

What is…

The question is: Will this replacement bridge survive Hurricane Florence, September 2018?