GREAT Cycle NC Photographs

Taken by Rob Landwehrmann, with a real camera and a good eye. This link lifted from the Cycle NC Message Board.


I’m back from Cycle North Carolina

I rode my Trek Project One the first 5 days and my VK2 the last 2 days. The rides were fun–especially the opportunity to ride around Lowes Motor Speedway on Day3 of the ride. I’ve uploaded my pics to my Flickr account.

Feel welcome to visit my MotionBased Digest , if you want my ride detail.

Now, to get ready to TOT in NC [Hanging Rock & Pilot Mountain] riding my trike..PS. BTW, I do think I was spoiled by my RAGBRAI experiences. Oh well…

This will be different

Today, I prepared my Trek Project One for Cycle North Carolina.  Preparation included lighting and changing pedals from my Look Ti Keo pedals to my Crank Brothers 3 Ti Egg Beaters [from my VK2] [Crank Brothers now sell the 4-Ti, which I’ll eventually  purchase, more likely for my VK2].  Surprisingly, they are 10 grams lighter per pedal [90 vs. 100 grams], but who’s counting [weight weenies].  I just discovered the cleats are also lighter–15 grams versus 35.  I’ll also save money, in that I replaced my Look Keo cleats about 3 to 4 time per year.  The eggbeater cleats are metal and will not need replacement for a looooong time.

Anyway, the reason for changing cleats, is to allow me to use one pair shoes for riding versus a different shoe for DFs and ‘bents [I like riding with my Keens, plus I can use the off-cycle] and to allow me to use my Lake winter MTB shoes with my recumbents.  That, is to use eggbeaters on all my cycles.  This week I rode my Trek 5200 with the eggbeaters from my RANS Stratus and had no problems.  I think I may have had a bit more float–not a problem.

I‘m using two-tier lighting:  Niterider Flight Headlight & 16-LED taillight and DiNotte Amber Headlight & taillight [singles this time] for visibility.

Given, the number of riders in CNC [about 1,000], I even put a bell on my road bike.  Wow!!!

Let The FRF Tour 2 Begin…

2:55 a.m. — Preparing to roll out from Fayetteville, enroute to Rocky Mount, NC.

The ride began at 3:08 a.m. [had to wait for satellites to be acquired] and ended at 12:57 p.m., with 44 minutes of stops. The bladder must be relieved. Cold weather just makes the need to stop more frequent. Anyway, I got to my hotel [the one I stayed at in May as I returned to Fayetteville form Richmond] before they had a room ready. I waited about an hour before I got into my room. It is all good.

Check Motion Based for details on this ride. The route is Highway 301 North through Petersburg, Virginia.

The bike performed well. I have a few minor adjustments [raise seat back; move left chopper bar a bit further out; try lowering the chopper bar] to make. Again, I’ll test ride before rolling out. I intend to depart as originally planned [3:00 a.m.].

I did have a problem with the fairing fogging up [apparently from my breath]. If only I could redirect air to the inside of the fairing. I ask Karl. I should have had a towel with me. I used my gloves to clear the fairing. For the most part, I just sat up to see over the fairing.

After about 9:00 a.m., today was very warm. Tomorrow’s temperatures are expected to be about the same. Once I’m into Virgina, there is a 40% chance of rain beginning around 10:00 a.m. I can not reach my destination that early, less I depart before 3:00 a.m. I do not think I want to do that. We will see…

Karl Calls

Today Karl Abbe, of Zzip Designs, returned my call. We spent near 1 1/2 hours on the phone discussing various aspects of the fairings he manufactures and sells. He was very patient, taking the time to ensure I had complete answers to my questions. I am comfortable that the Zzipper fairing will work well with my RANS Stratus XP. He took the time to visit this blog to see how my lighting is set up. We think we can make the setup work without having to relocate my front lighting.

My order has now been placed. I expect to receive the fairing on Friday.

My dialogue with Bill continues…

Hello Bill,

I took the big plunge today. After speaking with Karl for an hour and 24 minutes on 2 telephone calls, I purchased a Zzipper faring for my RANS. I expect to receive it Friday and hopefully install it over the weekend. I’ll soon know for myself what I think of the Zzipper on my RANS. Your input has been helpful. Again THANKS!

I do not know that I’ve presented my bent to any real challenging hills. I recently road my DF in the NC mountains and now know what hills are. I have ridden the Stratus over rollers and several bridges–Charleston, SC; Savannah and Brunswick, GA; and many intercoastal waterway bridges. I do OK. I’m able to keep fairly good RPM. I do not think I ride my bents frequently enough to keep peak bent legs though. I’ll see if a fairing makes a difference.

Do you have a photo from a distance of your Stratus with the fairing in place?


Jim –

Here are some shots.

The first three are from two years ago, the next is me riding in Bike Florida, and the next is me riding in the rain at Bike Virginia.

Bill rides his Stratus in the rain at Bike Virginia and bikes dry in Bike Florida

Photographs furnished by Bill

I assume you ordered the heavier Zipper. I will be interested in how it works out. I would think it will be a good unit.


Good Evening Bill,

The pictures are illustrative. Thanks! I see you have a light mounted both behind and at the top of your fairing. How did the light work through the fairing? Did the fairing keep you somewhat dry in the rain?

Yes, I ordered the thicker fairing. I will let you know how it works out. Hopefully, I’ll experience it this weekend.

I’ve posted our dialogue in my blog. Please review and let me know if you have a problem with any of my post. I’ve included two of your first batch of pictures in my blog.

May I include some of the pictures from this batch in my post of today?

Here is the BROL link to my post today:


Hi Jim –

I don’t have a problem with you posting whatever you like of all this. Re the light – a couple of years ago I was mounting my light behind the fairing as you could see. Having the light shine through the fairing was not too much of an issue glare wise, but having it mounted out front like that did not give the option of adjusting it on the go. That light was one of the Cateye LED models, maybe the EL-500. I have since gone to more powerful lights and the mount above the fairing. The light you could see in the Bike Virginia rainy day picture is a Light & Motion Vega LED that I use in blinking mode as a “see me” light. It is one of the more powerful LED light available. The light I use to see where I am going at night is a Light & Motion HID which is really bright. I have had cars flash their bright lights at me trying to get me to dim it. Both of these lights use the same bracket and I can adjust their aim while riding.

The fairing does do a good job of keeping your shoes somewhat dry in the rain. Of course it does not help with your shorts or other upper garments. You will want to have fenders installed if you are riding in the rain or even on wet roads. I will attach a picture of my bike about a week ago when I was on a ride in a very light sprinkle of a rain with wet roads and I did not have my fenders installed. You will note how the rear wheel threw mud through the seat back which then just covered the back of my jacket. [photo by Bill]

If you would like to see how my friend attached his fork attaching board to his Windstar van, I can have him take a picture and send it to you.



Noted on your permission. I must ask, rather than just do it. You are kind and thanks again. I understand your lighting decisions. I’ll have to see how my system works. I do not think I will need to make any changes. I just want to ensure my lights illuminate my path. I have rain gear and fenders. I should be fine. Please have your Windstar friend send me a picture of his setup. Have a good night. Until… –jim

More Beautiful Cycle North Carolina 2006 Pictures

Thanks to RidgeRider–Tim Murphy.

Letter From The CNC Staff to Participants

Thank you for participating in the 2006 Cycle North Carolina, mountains
to the coast tour. We had a wonderful time with beautiful weather and the
company of over 900 cyclists.

Please keep checking our website for updates on the 2007 Spring [2006 Spring Ride] and Fall rides.

Those who were injured during the 2006 ride are all doing fine and in the process of recovering. Thank you all for your concern.

Bike Tour Photo has posted the event pictures at

Please check them out when you get the chance. We still have 2006 jerseys in all sizes, so get one now before they are gone. Email us to place your order.

Thanks again to all of you for a wonderful ride and we look forward to seeing you on future tours. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance. We hope to make Cycle North Carolina better each year and welcome any suggestions, comments or concerns.

Until next time…Safe and Happy Cycling!