Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 10/15

cropped-512square-final-blog-logo-inverted-with-green-no-text-ce.jpgYesterday, Saturday–10/14, I uploaded changes [over 100 lines of code] I have made to my Custom CSS since September 10, 2017, when I Changed Twenty Sixteen Theme to dark. I reveal the code now to post all the modifications at one time. The addition of a blog logo makes it more difficult to control blog site identity on mobile devices.

I hope you are enjoying the dark mode and that it is easier on your eyes than a light background.



Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS [ScreenGrab], 12/10

This documens the results of the CSS change for those who read the blog using the reader.

Come over and grab Twenty Sixteen CSS Coding for your blog.


Change article.

Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 12/10

I never gave up!

After several hours of reading and trying different CSS coding, I finally achieved what I wanted back in April. This on the eve of the release of the new Default Theme–Twenty Seventeen. We do not know exactly when it will be released. We are waiting. I digress…

  1. .site {
  2. background-color: transparent;
  3. border: 0;
  4. margin: .625em;
  5. }
  1. #masthead,#content,#colophon {
  2. background: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);
  3. }

With a few simple [after a LOT of sweat and almost tears] lines of code. The bolded lines are new. Set the background to transparent and then the header, body (content), and footer to the level of desired opacity [0.8 or 80%] for now. My background is visible, even on mobile devices. Never, ever, give up…
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Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 04/20

When printing was a service of my computer business, watermarking was frequently requested.

It clearly distinguished my work for others printing in this town.

.site {
opacity: .91;

Now, with a single line of CSS code, I can achieve the same with this blog. I will update my Custom Twenty Sixteen CSS Page to show this modification soon.

Inspired by and thanks to  How To Master Twenty Sixteen (Or Any WordPress Theme) article.  It made the process simple.

Thanks Ragnar for sharing.

Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 04/15-B

Page & Post vertical spacing for large mobile devices…

Lots of coding for mobile devices, as it was to get the display I wanted for PCs.

Portrait Landscape

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The point of the two slideshows is to show there is now “waste” of whitespace. Elements are reasonably tight vertically, yet readable and touchable for touchscreen displays. The coding also makes a better display on PCs, as I published earlier.  [Contact Sheet]

Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Cascading Style Sheet [CSS], 04/15-A

Page & Post vertical spacing for a PC…

Lots of coding, particularly for elements after the article, for the display I want.2016-04-15_3-26-06 Article Spacing

Blog ~ Twenty Sixteen Custom Cascading Style Sheet [CSS] Page, 04/10

Below, you can see that I made several adjustments to the page above the coding

2016-04-10_0-35-05 Custom CSS Page