Delta Trikes

Silk Not mine–I have a tadpole [a Catrike 700 known as Silk]. So, what the difference between a delta and a tadpole?  A delta trike or tricycle has one wheel in front and two behind, where a tadpole trike has the reverse.

Here is the new guy on the block: The RANS Trizard. Read Randy Schlitter’s Into the Ride Article #73 for information on this interesting trike. So you ask, are there other delta trikes available? Yes!

My Facebook friends and BROL members Jennifer Lang & Bobby Baxmeyer [her fiancĂ©] [cellolang & bbax] and Mary [TrikeDiva] have  Kettwiesel Trikes. I also rode with Parky (a Kett owner) in the Face of America ’08 Ride.

Then there is the Greenspeed Anura, introduced in 2007. I do not know an Anura rider. Both the Kett and Anura offer a differential option. The Trizard does not. The Trizard uses the left wheel as a drive wheel.

There are other delta trikes [see this BROL Interbike ’07 article]. These three are frequently discussed on BROL.

This post is to introduce the RANS Trizard and generally comment on two other popular delta trikes. Deltas are but one of many recumbent cycles. Ride what works for you. You see that I ride road bikes [DFs] as well as recumbents [an LWB, an SWB, and a tadpole trike] and a MTB. I hope to add a Crank Forward later this year. It fits between a ‘bent and a DF [also known as an upright].

Here is the BROL Thread started by Nanda [BROL Member Stradavarius] that informs BROL readers of Randy Schlitter’s [RANS Founder] Into the Ride Article #73 on the Trizard.