Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!! [second post]

After devouring a chicken egg, here is looking at you!

IMG_0739Initial post


Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!

This is NOT what I expected to find as I checked for eggs…

I do not think it is a black snake. Please tell me what type snake this is. Thanks! Nonetheless–share and share alike–one for him and one for me. Pictures were taken with my iPhone…



Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 13 [Set 3]

Cranky is the prompt. it is an adjective meaning ill-tempered; irritable usually relating to living things.

Initially, I took a different approach since I do not have people or animals to photograph and would not likely want to present a person in that manner. My pictures for this challenge evolved…

Back to the word. It is and adjective and not a noun. What do I have to fit the meaning of the word? Well, what about Goldie? She was a bit irritable it seemed, particularly in her final days. A picture of her may be good for this prompt.

I took theses 5 days before she died. I am partial to the one on the left.

Flickr Photo Album

Home ~ Cedar Farms–Goldie Dies [May 2011-May 2016], 05/28

May she rest in peace.


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