Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!! [second post]

After devouring a chicken egg, here is looking at you!

IMG_0739Initial post

Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!

This is NOT what I expected to find as I checked for eggs…

I do not think it is a black snake. Please tell me what type snake this is. Thanks! Nonetheless–share and share alike–one for him and one for me. Pictures were taken with my iPhone…



Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 13 [Set 3]

Cranky is the prompt. it is an adjective meaning ill-tempered; irritable usually relating to living things.

Initially, I took a different approach since I do not have people or animals to photograph and would not likely want to present a person in that manner. My pictures for this challenge evolved…

Back to the word. It is and adjective and not a noun. What do I have to fit the meaning of the word? Well, what about Goldie? She was a bit irritable it seemed, particularly in her final days. A picture of her may be good for this prompt.

I took theses 5 days before she died. I am partial to the one on the left.

Flickr Photo Album

Home ~ Cedar Farms–Goldie Dies [May 2011-May 2016], 05/28

May she rest in peace.


Stories about or relating to this chicken:

Now there are three–1 rooster and 2 hens [The Tough Trio]

Cedar Farms ~ The Peeps [Chickens–Featuring Goldie], 05/22

Goldie shows her face–pretty face it is…

The other chickens join Goldie on the catwalk.

Cedar Farms ~ The Peeps [Chickens] @ the SW Chicken Run Terminus, 05/22

I really is all about the chickens!

Goldie chose to not be a part of the flock this time [she does that often]. I caught her back at the coop. Lucy, the roo, is not camera shy. Foxy [the tan one] and Princess [the B&W] are always alert.

Cedar Farms ~ Chicken Run–Cleaned & Straightened, 05/22

Ten-hours later–debris removed from netting, ground raked, & fence straightened.

Fixed Chicken RunTo my knowledge, there are no trees to fall on this repaired southwest corner of the chicken run. The west aviary was damaged during our January ice storm. I removed  it to avoid the possibility of the same thing happening again. April 28th’s wind and rain brings a neighbor’s tree crashing in on the run. For me, both meant work and more work.

The chickens seem to like the raked ground. they tend to be right where I am working, waiting for a morsel to be exposed.