Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!! [second post]

After devouring a chicken egg, here is looking at you!

IMG_0739Initial post


Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!

This is NOT what I expected to find as I checked for eggs…

I do not think it is a black snake. Please tell me what type snake this is. Thanks! Nonetheless–share and share alike–one for him and one for me. Pictures were taken with my iPhone…



Weather & Chickens ~ Keeping Relatively Dry, Cedar Farms, 01/22

Got out of the house [coop], but smart enough to seek protection from freezing rain…

They’re in the chicken run, getting some protection [provided by the pine straw above] from the freezing rain. It’s interesting the places they choose to be, relative to weather, time of day, etc. Also interesting that I have 5 chickens and 5 turtles.

Storm Photoghaphs

Home ~ Cedar Towers, My Chicken Coop [tunnel/transporter]

CRW_2831.CRWWell, you have seen the first pictures of the coop I am building. Continue reading “Home ~ Cedar Towers, My Chicken Coop [tunnel/transporter]”

Home ~ Cedar Towers—My Chicken Coop