Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!! [second post]

After devouring a chicken egg, here is looking at you!

IMG_0739Initial post

Photography ~ 2018 Critter(s)–YIKES!!!

This is NOT what I expected to find as I checked for eggs…

I do not think it is a black snake. Please tell me what type snake this is. Thanks! Nonetheless–share and share alike–one for him and one for me. Pictures were taken with my iPhone…



Photography ~ Mini Greenhouse, DSLR–From Dusk-to-Dark, 11/05

These are my last shots for a while…

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Added a Hat/Roof [to keep rain out], 11/04

Relative to perspective…

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Completed [Leveled & Staked], 11/04


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DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues [Trim & Plastic Sheeting], 11/03

One more day–sheeting for the back panel

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues [Lattice & More Painting], 11/02

I am now ready to add the Polyethylene Covering to the 4 panels

I thoght of this a couple days ago to extend to the ground and better support the front & back Polyethylene. Before painting, it look pleasing in the yard. I will see it reassembled tomorrow–Friday.


Clean-up & green paint…