Photography ~ Yet another DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup, 10/11

This, a camera in a box [van], for taking pictures in the rain.

I took the scenery images at the onset of Tropical Storm Michael in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area. For us, there was less wind and rain the with Tropical Storm Florence last month.


Photography ~ Dawn–Downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina [Camera Position], 10/07

One of three shooting positions–the tallest…

Some of the pictures I took.

Photography ~ DIY Canon EOS 6D DSLR Setup, 09/26

This is one of many different camera configurations I use.

Photography ~ Downtown Sunset, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 09/18

Captured one with my DSDLR and two with my iPhone X

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DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [testing Canon 6D exposure settings], 07/07

Shot with a stationary camera and a 100mm lens.


This is another test after my 03/31 check. More likely, I will shoot with the camera in hand using my 50mm or 24mm lens. I need a model to evaluate exposure. Nonetheless, I am learning my shooting environment. I will be great the have the Nanoleaf Canvas–expected late November of this year.

Their canvas uses 15cm [5.90551-inch] square panels. I’ll place 9 [a single column of 6″ square panels or 54-inches] on each of the two wings. I guessed right on the wings height and width. Yeah!

Stay tuned…


Photography ~ Van Elevated–At Home, 11/25

Fruits of DIY [#36] labor–a labor of love

Photography ~ Mini Greenhouse, DSLR–From Dusk-to-Dark, 11/05

These are my last shots for a while…