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‘Bentrider Online [BROL] now has a recumbent [and Crank Forward] Buyer’s Guide. Bryan Ball, Larry Varney, and “admin” have worked diligently to load the guide with cycles that are in the many categories. To date, 52 reviews have been posted. Come browse around. You may find the bike(s), trike(s), or quad(s) you have been looking for. Soon, you will be able to buy directly from the guide. Details are here. Enjoy…

Buyer's Guide

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In keeping with the [winter] theme…

Here is a Hase Kettwiesel Ride:

BROL’s Steamer [from Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA] says:

image Testing out the Kett this afternoon [12/19] in 4″ of snow. It just goes through everything, even 24″ high walls of snow created by plows. (mountain drive, and differential, IGH, and momentum are your friends

TrikeBldr [Bruce’s] Report

The report we have been waiting for from Bruce [Trikebldr] on his interaction with Mr. Giraldo [now making hast to Marshfield, Missouri]. You are thorough and detailed in your reporting. THANKS Bruce!

Jim (and all),

Tour of Discovery - Day 57 068 First, I just want to say that these last three days have been an adventure for me, as well as inspirational to have met Rafael. It would take too much room to tell you all the background into his life that I have learned in this short time. Besides, it will all be in his book(s) that will come from this adventure, so I don’t want to spoil it for those who buy it.

Second, I just read the discussions on BROL this morning for the first time about Rafael’s journey, and I am quite flattered, and humbled by the comments made about me, BUT, I also want to point out that this all about Mr. Giraldo’s many facetted trek across our homeland, not about me and my brief "play day" with new friends! All of this was within a Tour of Discovery - Day 57 075 150 mile radius of home, and is what I would have been doing anyway, so it’s not a big deal to me! It IS a big deal for me to have met Rafael, however! And, thanks to everyone on BROL, the Catrike forum and the TrikeDoctor forum for all the kind words! Very humbling indeed! Oh, and Sierra says I behaved very well the whole three days!

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…and another SURPRISE!

M y own message board ‘BentRider Online [BROL] posted the article below on their front page. Thanks to Bryan Ball, ‘BentRider Managing Editor, and staff for their acknowledgment and support. Please go to the BROL front page for the links in the article below.

BROL Acknowledgement

This has been a very good day for me and my blog. Thanks to all! –jim

A Surprise Feature

Gizmodo Article

Hey, that’s my picture!

Where’s the credit, although there is a link to my flickr photograph. Pdxnative [a BROL Member] pointed out the Gizmodo Feature in a BROL thread this morning. THANKS and thanks to Jack Loftus of Gizmodo for including it [my photo] in their blog.

I submitted the following comment to the article:

Thanks for using one of my [jalexartis] pictures of my adaptation to protect my iPhone 3GS from rain. I’ve done so for 3 of my 7 cycles. See more at my blog or my flickr photoset.

It’s pretty cool to have Universal exposure twice in one year: this article and the Rails to Trails Article.

Thanks also to my readers, who inspire me.


Mr. Giraldo’s Day43 Pictures


From an upload of 189 pictures, I selected several showing the two of them climbing to Monarch Pass. He also has a cool video of himself and Dennis. The entire set of pictures are great, as usual. Thanks to Mr. G for allowing me to features his pictures in my blog as I attempt to supplement the story of his Tour of Discovery. You can view individual pictures at his website or at the Picasa Web Album Site. You have also got to read Dennis’ heartwarming story of their ride—nice read!

Thanks for the pics and video!


A heartwarming story from ColoradoDennis

ColoradoDennisCD was Mr. Giraldo’s riding partner for the first 10 miles [and 2,822 feet of climbing to Monarch Pass] of this Day43 Journey for Mr. G.

The ride began in Sargents. After reaching the summit, they ultimately parted, one east and the other west and on to the day’s other tasks.

What a ride for the two of them!

Here is Dennis’ story: