Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 12/10

I never gave up!

After several hours of reading and trying different CSS coding, I finally achieved what I wanted back in April. This on the eve of the release of the new Default Theme–Twenty Seventeen. We do not know exactly when it will be released. We are waiting. I digress…

  1. .site {
  2. background-color: transparent;
  3. border: 0;
  4. margin: .625em;
  5. }
  1. #masthead,#content,#colophon {
  2. background: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);
  3. }

With a few simple [after a LOT of sweat and almost tears] lines of code. The bolded lines are new. Set the background to transparent and then the header, body (content), and footer to the level of desired opacity [0.8 or 80%] for now. My background is visible, even on mobile devices. Never, ever, give up…
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Blog ~ Anniversary–8 Years with, 11/30

Moved from to in November 30, 2008.


Thanks to my readers who have made the journey enjoyable. I appreciate you reading my posts & pages, looking at my photography, and for leaving comments. You make blogging enjoyable. I look forward to another year. See you next time. THANKS!!!

Blog ~ rolls out Google Translate Widget, 11/25

A new blog feature thanks to

Find mine on the right sidebar just above my last 10 articles published. Use the Google Translate Widget to select any of 92 languages you want to read this blog in. Enjoy.



Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 11

Since I cannot submit a collage, I have to find a single photograph to represent my 2008 [odyssey] rides.

The  prompt is: If I wrote a novel, it would be about…

…a 2008 Coast-to-Coast [and more] Cycling Odyssey


Niagara Falls

This novel would begin with a Catrike Rally in Winter Garden, Florida, followed by the Face of America Ride from Bethesda, Maryland to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Late June ’08 began the actual odyssey by biking in Virginia & Tennessee; then a drive [with a breakdown in South Dakoda] to Idaho, then on to Wenatchee & Seattle, Washington; from Seattle a one-day [204-mile] bike ride to Portland, Oregon; follow that with a drive to Minnesota for a short visit with Hazel. Go from there to Iowa for RAGBRAI. Meet friends in Illinois and ride with them. Go home for a few days before driving to Buffalo, New York to ride with cyclist at Niagara. Home again, then to Georgia and later to Charleston, South Carolina for more riding.

Two Thousand Eight was a heck of a cycling year. I am glad I documented enough of the story that [if I were so inclined] I could indeed write a novel about a fictionized character who took on these feats and met the challenges as they happened. Could there be “a Best Seller” here?

Flickr Photo Album

Blog ~ IP Cameras Support Request, 04/17 [update, 05/10]

For some reason, my IP Cameras no longer show in my blog. I submitted a support request and never received a reply. The request has been closed. I will contact a WordPress.Com Supervisor. Depending on the problem, I may or may not be able to have them available again. I am sorry…

Social Media ~ Facebook–Son’s Shoutout, 05/13

Michael, thanks for the shoutout!

This was a surprise from my son. I appreciate the acknowledgement. Thanks again!
2016-05-15_22-52-38 Mike's post

Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 04/20

When printing was a service of my computer business, watermarking was frequently requested.

It clearly distinguished my work for others printing in this town.

.site {
opacity: .91;

Now, with a single line of CSS code, I can achieve the same with this blog. I will update my Custom Twenty Sixteen CSS Page to show this modification soon.

Inspired by and thanks to  How To Master Twenty Sixteen (Or Any WordPress Theme) article.  It made the process simple.

Thanks Ragnar for sharing.