Publication ~ jalexartis Photography Blog, 11/19

This is not in-lieu of, but in addition to…

Hopefully you can/will visit this and my photography blog.

Publishing ~ Blog–About Update, 03/25

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About 2018-03-27_17-49-06

Technology ~ Embarking on a journey of a different sort, 10/24

From cable to satellite


Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS, 10/15

cropped-512square-final-blog-logo-inverted-with-green-no-text-ce.jpgYesterday, Saturday–10/14, I uploaded changes [over 100 lines of code] I have made to my Custom CSS since September 10, 2017, when I Changed Twenty Sixteen Theme to dark. I reveal the code now to post all the modifications at one time. The addition of a blog logo makes it more difficult to control blog site identity on mobile devices.

I hope you are enjoying the dark mode and that it is easier on your eyes than a light background.


Publishing ~ Blog–Theme Twenty Sixteen, Dark, 09/10

I transistioned the theme to Dark just after midnight this morning.

This screen presentation should look nice on the new iPhone X.
2016-03-03_15-08-16 Final Blog Logo Inverted with green CE

Blogging ~ WordPress.Com–Theme Twenty Seventeen, 04/11

Twenty SeventeenFinally, we get the long awaited WordPress.Com Core Theme–Twenty Seventeen. In the past, Automattic [WP’s parent company] has released its core theme near mid-December. That was not the case for this theme. I’ve checked daily for it and today–HERE IT IS!

I activated it and had a few dislikes. I reverted to my current theme–Twenty Sixteen which I’ve modified a LOT using Cascading Style Sheet coding. I decided to give Twenty Seventeen another go. Using CSS, I had difficulty making my blog look as I want. There are features I like that are missing in the new theme. Plus, I would have had to ensure it shows the blog as I think it should be seen on mobile devices. That takes a lot of time. For me, Twenty Sixteen is not broken.

So, we continue where we were and maybe for a very long time. I like to keep my theme fresh. I will look for other CSS changes that may enhance the blogging experience.

Stay tuned…

Blog ~ Appearance–Custom CSS [ScreenGrab], 12/10

This documens the results of the CSS change for those who read the blog using the reader.

Come over and grab Twenty Sixteen CSS Coding for your blog.


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