2018 DIY [#01] ~ Rhino-Rack Bike Carrier “trailer lighting”–Spring Tension, 02/12

This DIY is finished!

This is the way I place the lights perpendicular to the ground what the carrier is up–stowed. Withe the post removed, the spring holds the light closed in the carry position–velcro not used.


2018 DIY [#01] ~ Rhino-Rack Bike Carrier “trailer lighting”–Wiring Harness, 02/11

Nearly finished–tomorrow: a spring for tension & velcro for lighting in carry mode

2018 DIY [#01] ~ Rhino-Rack Bike Carrier “trailer lighting”, 02/10

Day 3–Completed van wiring

Lights on!

This project has required lots of time. I have more to do. Next, a wiring harness for the bike carrier. I am using lighting because the carrier sits back quit far from the van [partly because of an 8″ hitch extender so I can open the rear doors]. The distance and possible loss of carrier visibility concerns me.


2016 Ford Transit Connect LWB XLT–Bike Transport RigII [On the Road Again], 02/06

They were inside. Times have changed…

IMG_1796August 2016, I built a bike rack to accommodate my Trek Project One and my RANS Crank Forward bicycles.

It would have worked well, except the van’s purpose is to facilitate photography. Most significant mod–Photo Booth/Photography on the Go.

Both 2016 and 2017 had very little cycling. The cycling I did was on my Crank Forward [Faye].

Now, it is time to be on the road again! The bike carrier you see is from Rhino-Rack. It fits in a Curt 2″ Trainer Hitch purchased at eTrailer, installed by my friends at Rhudy’s Car Auto & Accessories.

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