Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, Day & Night, 04/17

The difference in pics taken during daylight and after dark

March 25, 2016, daylight photos and April 14, 2018, after dark photos

Photography ~ Deep Pink Azalea, After Dark, 04/14

As contrasted with daylight photos of this plant taken 2 years ago

March 25, 2016, daylight photos


Photography ~ Autumn–Early December Vinca Blooms, 12/06

These are the perennial variety shot in a cold drizzle–used my DIY rain cover.

Photography ~ My Autumn Blooming Yucca–The End… 11/07

A single bloom stands…

Like the leaves of autum, the blooms have fallen…

Photography ~ An Autumn Surprise–Yucca Blooming, 10/07

This is a pleasant surprise!

Autumn YuccaI did not expect more yucca blooms until spring.

Photography ~ Shrubbery—Nandina Domestica [after dark], 09/21

Twilight & night shots of this so-called cemetery plant

Pictures in this blog.Nandina Domestica II

Photography ~ Dogwood berries at twilight and at night, 09/19

Still shooting after dark…

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My DIY Camera Stand with the Platypod Pro Max shifted a few inches forward to give more clearance to the MP-360 Pan/Tilt Head. It can now rotate in a complete circle. I used two Lume Cubes for lighting.

Camera Roll