Photography ~ Mini Greenhouse, DSLR–From Dusk-to-Dark, 11/05

These are my last shots for a while…

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Added a Hat/Roof [to keep rain out], 11/04

Relative to perspective…

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Completed [Leveled & Staked], 11/04


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DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues [Trim & Plastic Sheeting], 11/03

One more day–sheeting for the back panel

DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues [Lattice & More Painting], 11/02

I am now ready to add the Polyethylene Covering to the 4 panels

I thoght of this a couple days ago to extend to the ground and better support the front & back Polyethylene. Before painting, it look pleasing in the yard. I will see it reassembled tomorrow–Friday.


Clean-up & green paint…



DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues [Cutouts & Painting], 11/01

Not what I had hoped for…

I was frozed at home from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm by a DSL install that didn’t happen. I am peeved. Nonetheless, I cut shapes out of the two side panels and painted the front and back triangles white. I will paint the remaining raw wood green.


I plan to finish painting Thursday and install Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Friday. This Mini Greenhouse will be unique.


DIY [#32] ~ Mini Greenhouse–Work Continues… 10/31

Here is what I did today.

Yesterday, I said:

Here’s the plan: 1) Finish the two side panels by adding two 2-foot pieces of plywood at the bottom of both sides. 2) Cut about 4 polygons in the panels to see in and allow light in. 3) Build two triangle frames–front and back. 4) Paint 5) Cover the front and back panels with Twinwall Polycarbonate. Each panel can be removed

I completed items 1 & 3. I expect cut holes and to paint tomorrow–Items 2 & 4. Twinwall Polycarbonate is too expensive to crate and ship. I am looking for alternatives. I especiially like how I positioned the front and back triangles and the fitting of the side panels–like gloves.