Anniversary ~ Dreadlocks–Now 4 years since I began this journey, 10/18

It’s been 4 years already. WOW! Pics using Whisky16.

Faces of James on the 4th anniversary of wearing dreadlocks.


Appearance ~ Hairstyling [Dreadlocks] by Nafisah Haneef [second picture], 10/21

Nafisah Haneef–My Hairstylist

Appearance ~ Hairstyling [Dreadlocks] by Nafisah Haneef, 10/21

Nafisah Haneef–My Hairstylist

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Appearance ~ Dreadlocks, Twist-Day, 06/03

In a effort to have and maintain dreadlocks like those in the photographs above, Nafisah twisted new growth and set it for locking later. Slowly, my dreadlocks are growing. October 18, 2015, will mark 3 years since this venture began.


Appearance ~ Hair Styling [Dreadlocks], 01/07

In terms of what women experience when their hair is styled, many men do not have a clue what it is like to spend hours with a hair stylist or how HOT it is to sit under a hair dryer for nearly an hour or more. I am one guy who has some idea what women experience to look good for themselves [and for us].

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Anniversary ~ Dreadlocks–2 Years [post #2], 10/18/2014

Today, 10/18/2014 [post #1]:

Over time–2013 & 2014

Anniversary ~ Dreadlocks–2 Years [post #1], 10/18/2014

It began with simple twist:

Oh yeah, my hair. I started with twist October 18, 2012. My route may take me to dreadlocks, if that is to be. I’ve had fairly significant hair growth since we started this. I have a hair stylist [Nafisah] doing my hair. I like the process and the look as well.

Today, 10/18/2014 [post #2]:

Then [July 2013]:

Over time–2013 & 2014