Anniversary ~ Dreadlocks–Now 4 years since I began this journey, 10/18

It’s been 4 years already. WOW! Pics using Whisky16.

Faces of James on the 4th anniversary of wearing dreadlocks.


Photography ~ Aquatic Habitat–The Turtles [It’s a year–The Photo Shoot][Tops], 04/25

This is a surprising leader with 11 Flickr views.

The others with 9 & 10 views each.
See the complete shoot–Flickr 2016 Special YBST Anniversary Album.

Photography ~ Aquatic Habitat–The Turtles [It’s a year–The Photo Shoot], 04/23

The Feisty Five tolerated me today and posed nicely for several pictures–62 uploaded to Flickr.

See the complete shoot–Flickr 2016 Special YBST Anniversary Album.

Aquatic Habitat ~ The Turtles–Today Marks a Year–04/23

A year ago I said: “Aquatic Habitat ~ The Turtles–They are HERE–04/23 @ 09:57 am EDT”

Time has passed and 5 of the 6 turtles have survived it. Regrettably, one died in May 2015. The Feisty Five seem to be survivors.

I now know why I have not been able to count more than 5 turtles. I found the carcass of one of the turtles today. It is much smaller than the turtles are now. My last 6-count was on/or about 05/03. [See featured image above.] I took a “Bale of Six” photos on that day. Subsequent pictures never showed more than 5. Based on size, I think the death occurred just after that date. I do not know why it died. I suspect I had a sick turtle.

Today, I hope to give them the chance to adapt to a different word–that of an Outdoor Aquatic Habitat

Once it is a bit warmer, and I have built covers for protection, I plan to let them live outdoors until about October.

Stay tuned…

Blog ~ Anniversary–10 Years, Since 02/12/2006

Time really does fly when one is having fun…

CE Logo clear edgesFebruary 12, 2006, marks the day I began blogging @ with VK2 Setup. I published a separate blog [6 of them] for each of the cycles I owned.

I combined those blogs and moved them to November 30, 2008. I tried for a brief period and returned to

The nature on this blog has evolved over time. Now, it reflects more of things I do rather than just the cycles I ride. That is in part because I no longer participate in Bentrider Online. Pageviews have gone from an average of 300+ per day down to a hopeful 100+ per day. That is okay.

I am content to have this medium to share what I do, and share my photography and technology I find interesting. Oh, yes, and occasionally, dishes I prepare. Thanks for coming over. I hope you find pieces that interest you as well. I appreciate your visits.

Jim Artis [a.k.a. jalexartis]

Celebration ~ Birthday–My 70th, 12/17/2015

I posted this a moment ago on my Facebook Page…

What a day this has been and you have made it really special with your many birthday greetings and wishes. I thank each of you. I am blessed to be at the front end of this, my 7th decade. I look forward to the days, weeks, months, and years to come and knowing that we will share much of that time together. Thanks for your interest in the things I do and looking at them here, on my blog, and at Flickr. Joy is knowing you are communicating with others. Be blessed and take care. –jim

Thanks to all of you who come by here [or the reader] to see what is going on, check the archives, etc. I am blessed to be able to communicate with so many of you. I look forward to our continued time together…

Blog History ~ 7th Anniversary @ WordPress.Com, 11/30

My last anniversary article was 5 years ago

anniversary-logoAnother year with has past. I’ve now been blogging since February 2006, beginning at with my VK2 Blog. Here is my first article. I will soon have 5 years of blogging. Two of those 5 at Now is the time to mark another anniversary and say thanks to my readers.

20151128_015332000_iOSTime flies when you are having fun, at least it does for me. I will soon have been blogging 10 years–7 of the 10 here. I look forward to several more years of sharing experiences–some cycling, some photography, and some technology, others–just things I do or that affect me personally.

I appreciate you being here with me and the many visits you make to see what’s up. Thank you!!!

Thanks to WordPress.Com for the achievement badge.

Jim Artis [aka–jalexartis]