What Else Can That Weight Bar Be Used For?

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Here Is A Way to Weigh A Recumbent?

I rigged a bar to allow the VK2 to be suspended beneath it and then hung from my bike scale so that I can weigh what I have from it. Of course, you set the tare weight of items that are used to hold what is being weighed. Continue reading “Here Is A Way to Weigh A Recumbent?”


I use a Park PRS-6 Tool Stand (now discontinued) with an 100-4X Extreme Range Clamp. It works well for bike work, both DF and recumbent. Continue reading “Workstand”

Name That Bike

One of my fellow BROL members says this VK2 would be the choice of Captain America.

If that is so, what do you think Captain America would name his steed?

What would you name this bike?

What Are The Folk At BROL Saying About This VK2?

See reviews [now over 6 pages] on this bike at BentRiders Online Forums.

Did you catch that?

The discerning looker noted the one magnet is feeding two sensors–The Garmin Edge 305 and The CatEye. But, how can that be? The Edge 305 cannot monitor speed and cadence because the speed sensor is an integral part of the Garmin sending unit. Well… So many have said “IT CANNOT BE DONE.Continue reading “Did you catch that?”

Recumbent Riding Gear

I have helmet and MTB shoes. I’ll use my red, white, & blue Giro Atmos Helmet [2006 colors are different]. Of course RW&B are my C4 Club and VK2 colors. Continue reading “Recumbent Riding Gear”