Kickstand Failure–Tour Day02

My $125.00 Screamer Kickstand did not stand up to the weight of a tour-loaded RANS Stratus XP. Below are pictures I took of the failed kickstand. To reduce tour weight, I discarded the stand (at that point, thought by me to be junk). On return and checking with my dealer, I learned for warranty service, I must have the broken pieces. It seems to me that in the days of technology, a photograph would be sufficient. Other vendors have honored the digital photograph. I posted such an occurrence before (see my 05/30 & 05/31 posts) regarding a Continental 4000 tire failure. Photographs suffice for insurance purposes. My dealer is bound my the manufacturer, in this case RANS. I do not know their point on this.

Bottom line: A replacement kickstand is enroute [received 06/22/2006] at no charge to me. It is a Greenfield Kickstand. It is priced at $22.00. I opted for a side-mount stand versus the type kickstand that failed to preclude failure in the future. For me, there is a substantial difference in price, particularily for my investment in this bike and subsequent purchases I am likely to make.


A Day to Resolve Uploading Issues

Worked with RoboGEO to find a way to eliminate errors when clicking on images within Google Earth. I’ve started by loading Tour Day08. When you click on the camera, you will just see the image that was taken at that location. Anyway, the process lets you see the relative route we rode by tour-day and the pictures I took relative to that route. ENJOY!

One of the points of my including this in the blog is to examine how technology was used on this ride and how it can be used on subsequent tours or other activity. On tour Day01, as I discussed what I was doing with the Garmin Edge 305 and the digital camera, Chip Smith saw how he can use the technology to show his customers the location and contents of billboard advertisements he manages for them.

Today, I walked around with the Edge in my pocket and the camera in hand, If I had wanted to take pictures and later reference them to a location, I could have.

Anyway, you get the idea.