2006 Dragon’s Challenge Omnium Results:

Time Trial
Road Race

The race results above are from the Cross Creek Cycling Club (C4) Website.

I spent my weekend supporting the above events. Here is a local news story. Check photo #3 in the news story and enlarge it.

I have one more weekend to continue my training effort for the Florida Tour. Today, I got in a 18-mile DF ride. I hope to do a 30-mile S-XP ride tomorrow. This is also the day the rear wheel is to be rebuilt. Time is getting short. There is still much to do.

2006 MS-150 Bike Tour

Interested in ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis and riding 30, 75, or 100 miles, then join me and other riders in New Bern, North Carolina for this year’s MS-150. You’ll find bikes of all types: DFs, mountain, & bents. I am blessed to be a member of the 2006 Jewelry Boomerang Club, listed as rider #275. That means I turned in contribution totaling over $750.

8-Days-&-A-Wakeup Before The Florida Tour

I now have a bit over a week for final bicycle preparation.

The following are to be installed/resolved:

  • Install Angletech panniers & Aerotrunk–Will arrive Friday
  • Install seat gel & padding for my bottom discomfort on the factory seat–DONE
  • Try gel pads in the sole of the Lake Sandals
  • Have LBS [Kenny Green] rebuild rear wheel–Now Thursday
  • Setup laptop computer for Garmin related software.

In addition, I have to ride & eat the proper items for long touring. This weekend did not allow me to get rides in because of my support of the C4 sponsored Omnium. Here are the results.

My Socket Mobile Power Pack Is Even More Practical!

I purchased the Socket Mobile Power Pack to extend the number of hours that I can use my Garmin Edge 305. In testing and in real use during my 435-mile tour last weekend, it worked very well, proving its utility for its original purchase purpose.

Well, I thought I could probably run multiple devices in parallel using some type USB splitter. I have not located a simple parallel USB device that gives me multiple USB ports. The only device I’m aware of is a USB hub. I have an EdiMax Hub and the desire to power my small iPod speakers for my iPod using the Socket, as well as other devices.

Last night, I set up a prototype proving my thoughts are correct. IT WORKS! The hub can be use to distribute the Socket voltage to the 4 hub USB ports, providing the current requirement does not exceed 500mA.

The external speakers require 6 volts at 300mA. The Socket package includes an adapter that meets this requirement. So, I am able to power the Garmin Edge and the speakers from the Socket. That saves buying batteries for the speakers and the weight of those batteries. I do have the added weight of the hub–55 grams. Three AA batteries where to have given @ 22 hrs. run time. Now, I only limited to the battery life of the rechargeable Li-ion Socket Mobile Power Pack. I’m sure it will meet any single day’s travel.

I am pleased my concept is valid. I also intend to power my digital voice recorder using the Socket. I’ll explore that later.

Post Note 6/2/2006: Although the concept is valid, the EdiMax puts too much drain on the battery, i.e., the battery charge is consumed in a day. I may well make parallel USB ports that will not drain the battery.