What Does The Future Hold???

Could a bike like the Seavo above be in my future? The RANS Stratus XP is a joy to ride. Maybe, with a stoker or captain, a tandem would fit into the stable. If I were tandem shopping, I’d check out the RANS Seavo first. Read the Randy Schlitter, RANS owner, article below for his description of this bike.

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If there were to be a tandem, we could then ride with David and Ashley on a more equal basis. NOT–a recumbent tandem will beat an upright. If this were to happen, it would likely be about a year away.

What does the future hold…

A Couple of Laps & Then FUN!

David Bascombe [my tandem buddy, minus Ashley today] on his upright rode two laps around Pope Air Force Base today, followed by me spinning the VK2 around the Golf Club parking lot. David was kind enough to take many photographs of me having fun on my VK2. The bike is so cool and fun to ride. At least 5 different groups on individuals came over to talk with us and, of course, ask about the VK2. Three took pictures of me and the bike. Having ridden the RANS Stratus, it seems recumbents are crowd gatherers.

Thanks Dave for the ride and the pictures.

Here is the Garmin Edge 305 GPS data from MotionBased Website.

While you view and analyze our riding, I’m working on the pictures. We have our C4 Club ride at 7:30 a.m. David will join us for his first Saturday morning C4 ride. I’m looking forward to that.

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