Placed my orthotics in my riding shoes, readjusted my seat, and test rode the bike for several blocks. I think I’m OK for tomorrow’s C4 ride. The info below is taken from C4’s web site.

Sports Illustrated – Saturday, September 16, 2006
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED PHOTO SHOOT. We are definitely going to do the last photo shoot for Sports Illustrated this Saturday, Sept. 16 from 7:30-8:30 at the T&H Club Ride. We need everyone to wear a C4 jersey. Also, we need as many folks as possible to go to Hawley’s after the ride, in C4 gear for more photos. These are the shots the SI editors have asked us to provide. Please help us out as C4 is on the verge of getting published!
Some shots from last weekend are here at Pro Image, Inc.

Note: The MS Bunch was in New Bern when the shots above were taken. Maybe we will be included in tomorrow’s photo shoot.


Century Update

After the Tour de Moore, I had completed the 13 centuries, totaling 1,479.23 miles. Make that now 15 for the year, with a new total miles of 1,687.77 (2,716.20 kilometers) [just for the century rides. Given 7 months of recorded rides, I have a total of over 3,719.31 miles (5,985.65 kilometers) ridden [I do not always use the GPS for test rides in the neighborhood].

I hope to get at least 5 more centuries in this year, for a total of 20. Last year my goal for 2006 was 8. I rode 4 in 2005.

2006 MS-150, Day2

GPS Data

  • The Ride (100.18 [I also had to ride add additional distance to get 100 miles])

Now, I should not have ridden this ride, given the knee pain I was experiencing from yesterday’s ride; however, not being a quitter, I did not have the option of not riding. I rode through 100 miles of PAIN! The ride took just over 2 hours longer than the Saturday ride. It even included a stop with a medic [imagine]. Anyway, here is the Google Earth image and a link to the Google Map.

Garmin Edge 305 Route displayed using Google Earth
from my Motion Based Digest