Kickstand Failure–Tour Day02

My $125.00 Screamer Kickstand did not stand up to the weight of a tour-loaded RANS Stratus XP. Below are pictures I took of the failed kickstand. To reduce tour weight, I discarded the stand (at that point, thought by me to be junk). On return and checking with my dealer, I learned for warranty service, I must have the broken pieces. It seems to me that in the days of technology, a photograph would be sufficient. Other vendors have honored the digital photograph. I posted such an occurrence before (see my 05/30 & 05/31 posts) regarding a Continental 4000 tire failure. Photographs suffice for insurance purposes. My dealer is bound my the manufacturer, in this case RANS. I do not know their point on this.

Bottom line: A replacement kickstand is enroute [received 06/22/2006] at no charge to me. It is a Greenfield Kickstand. It is priced at $22.00. I opted for a side-mount stand versus the type kickstand that failed to preclude failure in the future. For me, there is a substantial difference in price, particularily for my investment in this bike and subsequent purchases I am likely to make.