These are the specifications as the Stratus XP was sold by Dana
The bike has been shipped from Bent Up Cycles as follows:

In addition, I purchased the following from Angletech, (The sales person, Kelvin, is the helpful person I’ve read about on BROL.):

  • an Aerotrunk (black)
  • a set of Techwinds Panniers (black)
  • an Angletech Custom Planet Bike based Fenderset, pre-prepped to fit my Stratus XP setup [the set includes a custom front fender made longer to preclude road debris blow back]


  • Brakes: [included in bike purchase]: Of course disc brakes give additional stopping power should I find myself in wet or extended braking conditions.
  • Horn: I’ll install an AirZound Horn [as I have on my VK2].
  • Lights: I will use my Niterider Flight headlight and Lithium-Ion battery from my Trek Project One DF. I will purchase a dedicated 16-led taillight to keep from having to move the taillight from either my DF or VK2. For backup/redundancy, I’ll use a LightSpin Dynamo System from Yellow Jersey. I intend to use this system for running lights [2 headlights & a taillight] during daylight travel. Although dynamo powered, this system will continue to give light for up to 2-minutes during a stop. Our travel is to be during daylight. I’ll be prepared for emergencies, plus I’ll do other touring that will include riding during the hours of darkness.

    I’ll also carry a small LED light from Radio shack for night reading.

  • Mirrors: I’ll use a pair of Busch&Muller Cyclestar 901 Mirrors from Dana.
  • Other: I plan to use at least one safety flag and a safety triangle of some type, perhaps this one.


  • Battery: Because of the 10-hour or less battery life of the Edge 305, I will use a lithium-ion unit to recharge [actually maintain charge] the GPS. The unit is a Socket Mobile Power Pack . In addition, I can use it to maintain charge on my cell-phone, etc. Worst case, I’ll have a second 305. If you want to know more regarding the Edge and battery life, see this thread at MotionBased Forum.
  • GPS: I use the Garmin Edge 305 with my DF, VK2, and MTB. I have a cadence sensor for each. The 305 provides profiles for up to 3 bikes. In this case, since this is a 4th bike and because I do not want to move a cadence sensor from one of my other 3 bikes, I decided to purchase a second Edge 305, with cadence sensor [which I would have had to purchase separately anyway [because I do not want to move one of the others, plus I can add 2 more bikes :-)]. The new 305 will be dedicated to the XP and be available as a backup GPS. For this tour, I’ll also take my original 305 as a backup GPS.
  • Pedals: Crank Brother Blue Spring Eggbeater SL [purchased from Spin Cyclz–Nanda].

2006 Bike To Build [Habitat for Humanity] Bike Tour

Yesterday, 9 members of the Cross Creek Cycling Club joined many other riders in the 2006 bike to build bike tour, sponsored by the Habitat for Humanity of Scotland County, North Carolina. Details on this ride are at C4’s web site. I’ve also entered this ride in my MotionBased Digest.