Other BROL Members Report RANS Seat Discomfort

See this BROL thread.

The thread has grown to 33 [now 66 as of 1:00 p.m. 6/5] posts with solutions being applied. Barry and RAS314 report riding comfort, having modified their seats.

I have also modified my seat pan. Using a saber saw, I removed approximately a 1/2″ strip from the back of the seat pan.

The photographs above show the results of my modifications. As RAS314 stated, I can slide the seat pad under the seat back. I’ll post other pictures with the seat cover on. I like the feel of the gel pad, but not the weight. I’ll try to evaluate its need over the next 2-3 days. I think my bottom/butt discomfort may be taken care of. Maybe this post will help someone else.

ADDED: Please note RANS has a factory solution. Posted by mrscooterboy on the BROL Forums.

I called RANS this afternoon.

If you remove the seat from the bike and ship it to their plant in Kansas, they will put a downward curve in the cross piece that lies beneath the lip at the rear of the pan. They have a jig that they put into a press and the whole operation takes a few minutes.

The seat pan itself is flexible so when the cross piece is pulled down, it in turn pulls rear of the seat pan down. Barry at Rans says that people have been happy with this fix.

RANS does not charge for this operation. The pain, of course, is removing it, packing it, paying for the shipment, and going without a seat for a week or two.

I do have two other bikes I can ride so I’m considering the Rans fix but I’d also like to hear more about what Barry (from Florida – see his posts on this thread) did and how happy he is with the fix.

I wish that Ronnie has given me this option when I spoke with him for 18 minutes on 5/22/2006. My mod has been made. My test rides seem comfortable–much better!

Broken Spokes

Today, I took my LWB in to Kenny Green to have the rear wheel rebuilt. He found yet another broken spoke. I still wonder why this is happening. Of all my bikes and years of riding, I have never had broken spokes. Hopefully, that problem will now be resolved.

My earlier comment: …as I was showing it to two service technicians from both of my LBS, one noted I have a broken spoke, actually 2 broken spokes. I wonder was caused the spokes to break? Anyway, today would have not been a good day to ride the bike. I rode it yesterday, but did not notice the spoke problem.

Footnote: I found another spoke in my vehicle today, Sunday, 6/4/2006. That is now a total of 4 broken rear wheel spokes from the original build. This spoke is not from the Kenny Green rebuilt rear wheel, nor the front wheel.