C4 & Team Monex Ride, Followed by Dinner

Thanks to Tish and Bob Miarer for their hospitality and the delicious food for the 10 of us who rode this afternoon. Hello to “Mom” (Bob’s mother Mrs. Mary Miarer) who also helped with the food, and thanks to Heather Wilhoite for helping too.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Oh, the ride–here are the metrics from my Edge 305.

Hybrid map of our ride

NOTE: [For some reason (I suspect road shock) it has been cutting off on me during the ride. I’ll have to confer with Garmin on this problem. I think the data is OK. The route seems correct. Each time it turned off, I had to turn it on and then push the Start Button to continue recording.]

Here are a few pictures.

The Group of Ten Following the Ride
(Thanks Heather)
Rob, Hal, Hayden, Jim, Roberto, Bob, Glenn, Marvin, Leo, & Devin
As we wait for the repair of a flat
Post Ride
Where’s Marvin…
(Again, Thanks Heather)