Now, To Call Karl

Called Karl to say THANKS on the delivery, ask a few questions, and give feedback on my first impressions.

Karl rushed to ensure he shipped on time so that I received the fairing on Friday–It worked. Again, thank you Karl.

I asked if it is OK to look through the fairing rather than over it. He understands why I’m where I am. He says it is OK; but, we can trim the top of the fairing if wanted. I’ll wait to see how the fairing works in the rain. I’d love to not have rain [or as much of it] on my glasses. Told him of the mods I made. Told him sound is not an issue. We discussed what I can expect relative to wind and rain as my speed increases. As I expected, the faster I ride, the more the fairing will deflect the wind and precipitation.

Karl spent 23 minutes with me on this call. Total time to date on telephone calls (3)–about 2 hours–Excellent Customer Support.

Initial Fairing Riding Impressions

1) NOISE IS NOT AN ISSUE WITH THIS FAIRING! I have read about concern with noise from fairings on various setup and methods to resolve. I only know what I experienced with my setup on my RANS Stratus with The Zzipper Xtreme Bodyskin. I have no objectionable noises from the road or bike with the faining in place. To my knowledge the fairing setup with supplied mounts work in giving a quite riding experience with no other action required. I am happy with the result.

2) I sense a greater wind deflection a faster speed than slower speeds [where I seem to get some wind wrap-around]. I have not noted any unusual handling characteristics at slow or fast speeds.

3) I am looking through the fairing as I ride. There is no notable distortion. I’d prefer to see over the fairing. I can adjust the seat back up or have the fairing shortened at the top. I’ll ride in the rain before I consider any adjustments.

4) My test rides were under 5 miles, with temperatures in the 40’s. I felt comfortable with my Shower Pass jacket and windproof pants on. At this point, I think I’ll ride with my normal cold weather gear. I can always take off items and place them in the Angletech Aerotrunk.

5) The Stratus really looks cool with the fairing.

Fairing Adjustments

Given the top T-Bracket support position on my chopper bars, I have the fairing positioned as low as I can place it. Given this position and my seat back position, I’ll be looking through the fairing as I ride. I’ll confirm this with Karl.

I noticed the fork support brackets are not as secure (tight) as I’d like. I placed a bicycle tube over the bracket that wraps around the fork. This shims the bracket and gives additional dampening [not that I this it is needed].

Removed the fairing for cleaning and scratch attention. I noted that I have glue on the black edge material. I’ll ask Karl if there is a solvent to remove it. Placed the fairing back on its support. All is well.

It’s time to test ride…

The Zzipper Has Arrived

Today, I received the Zzipper Xtreme Bodyskin CLR ‘080 from Zzip Designs. Thanks Karl!
I had a busy business day, so I did not get to work with the fairing until late into the night.

After taking a nap, I opened the box and began to place the supporting brackets on the fork and handlebar. I then placed the fairing on the bike. “This looks pretty good“!

I decided to modify the top [handlebar] brackets by removing excess length from the T-Bracket. I cut 3 3/8″ from each T-Bracket. This works for my RANS and gives a more finished look. [pictures tomorrow].

Did preliminary lights testing [lights behind the fairing] using the NiteRider Flight flashing mode and the LightSpin Dynamo lights. They penetrate the fairing. I got some reflection from the NiteRider in flash mode. Tomorrow night, I see if the reflections affect my night vision/ability to see the road.

Did I say this fairing looks really cool on this bike!