Day 01–Wednesday, 06/07/06. Let The Tour Begin…

This post would not have occurred when it did without the graciousness of Mr. “Chip” Smith. Mark and I met Chip and his wife as we dined at Russell’s Seafood Grill at Merrill’s Inlet. I asked Chip if he knew any place local where I could get Internet access. He thought and said no. At that point he offered his home to this guy (me) he has just met. Granted, he is a fellow cyclist, who will be cycling from Merrill’s Inlet to Southport this weekend. Anyway, I said I did not want to impose. He still held out the offer. I accepted. He then came to the motel, picked me up and brought me back. He refused to accept my offer for his time and fuel. Chip, thank you so much. You are very kind and indeed gracious. Thanks also to your lovely wife.

The Tour Story: I departed home this morning at 5:30 a.m. EDT to meet Mark at T&H Brake Shop, our C4 Saturday morning assembly point. Another C4 member, Chris Barnhill rode with us to Elizabethtown. David Bascombe came to see us off and even escorted us to the Monsanto Plant acting as a safety vehicle, with flashers. He then went ahead, pulled off the road into a parking lot, and then cheered us on as we rode by.

Thanks guys for joining us for the rideout and seeing us off.

We departed T&H Brake Service at ~6:10 a.m.

Here we go…

MotionBased GPS data

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Chris [Barnhill] completed a Century as he rode to Elizabethtown, returned to Fayetteville, and rode around a bit. CONGRATS Chris!

Departure Eve

Well, all seems well…

Mark, my tour partner, paid me a visit in my office. We discussed various aspects of our travel. Mark said Chris and another C4 rider will ride with us to Elizabethtown–WOW!
Dana, Bent Up Cycles, made a courtesy call–very nice of him. I spoke with David Bascombe, another C4 member. He said he’ll see us in the morning.

I‘ve completed several last minute task. It is now time to rest, but yet a few more items to accomplish. This ride will be fun. Blogging will especially be exciting. Special friends Sandra Johnson and Grace Singh are to comment as we go along. Other special friends will be following this blog and hopefully commenting as well. So, Pauline, are you there? Hi Ann; Sherry & Rogers, and Michael & Pamela; Gabriel, Lia, Adriana, & Brandon. Hello Eric Nobles. Esther Green, HELLO! Hi Ms. Patricia York. Thanks to all of you. You add to the fulfillment on my life.

I got in a loaded check-ride just after midnight. The bike is heavily rear loaded. I have as much weight forward as possible. I find this weight distribution makes steering a bit more twitchier. I’m wondering what other bent riders think on this point. At speed [~10 mph, the bike seem very stable. I can make it go fast. I’ll find out about hills tomorrow. The seat was comfortable tonight. Well I’d hope to get 6-8 hrs. of sleep. Now it’s down to just over 3 hrs. As an Army Ranger, I’ve made it on less. Hopefully tomorrow night, I’ll get much more rest. The bike is outside and ready to roll.

May God be with us all on this journey.

Today’s To Do List:

  1. Purchase RoboGEO License–DONE
  2. Purchase additional notebook ram–will have to do later–during or after the tour…
  3. Purchase an xD memory card for the camera–DONE, 1GB
  4. Have mail & newspaper held–DONE
  5. Buy gel pad for sandals–DONE
  6. Buy pain pills [just in case]–DONE
  7. Buy Gu–Did 06/06/06–a box of GU is heavy!
  8. Attend the monthly C4 7:00 p.m. meeting–DONE