Fairing Riding Impressions After Moving 2 Lights

This Works!

The reflection issue is resolved. Placing my main lighting systems forward of the fairing adequately illuminates my path and does so with no reflections. Dana, Bent Up Cycles [the store from which I purchased both of my recumbents], said:

Glad to see the fairing is helping with the cold. I like your light mount that goes between the fairing and the wheel – your lights will definitely work better that way!

He is absolutely correct.

I wish I could remotely select the NiteRider Flight lighting modes as I can with the NiteRider Evolution on my Vk2.

I think my decision to keep my tier 3 lights within the fairing is a correct one. These are my emergency lights [to be used when to other 2 systems have failed]. In addition, I can use them for supplemental lighting. In that capacity, they can be used for in-town riding where more illumination increases the safety potential. The fact that they light-up the fairing is a positive in that capacity.

I will now place my small LED light on the bike to illuminate the chair ring, if needed, or other dash areas.

I am very satisfied with the Zzipper Fairing and my lighting setup.

Tomorrow, I will likely have the opportunity to ride in the rain with the fairing.

How Can You Transport a Tandem In A Ford Freestar?

If you are as good at woodwork as Bill, then you build a rack like this:

Photographs taken and provided by Bill S

Bill [who I posted on earlier] & Bill are cyclists I met via the Internet. This Bill has also built a rack for his Ford Windstar. He and his wife are currently cycling in Florida.

He says:

Jim, my friend, BK, wanted me to send you some pictures of the bike rack I made for my Ford Freestar and Windstar. If you have any questions just let me know. My rack does not do any permanent changes to the vehicle and yet it locates the bike in the furthest most rear position. I am able to mount my tandem behind the driver seat and still have clearance to the drivers seat. The brake levers on the handle bar just clear the rear window by about .38 inches. The rack comes out by just loosening a wooden bolt with my hand and sliding the plug inboard. It holds my two bikes very sturdy.