A Plan Comes To Fuition

Monday, July 03, 2006 I developed this plan:

Cycle North Carolina–Trek Project One
I am planning to ride my DF the first four days of the
tour, followed by the RANS Stratus XP on days 5 & 6, then the VK2 on the final day. Following are the towns [and the route using major roads (not the route we will ride)] and dates for the DF ride:
Day 1
Banner Elk to Wilkesboro 49.8 – 50 miles [Sun 10/01]
Day 2
Wilkesboro to Clemmons 48.1– 50 miles [Mon 10/02]
Day 3
Clemmons to Burlington 59.3 – 60 miles [Tue 10/03]
Day 4
Burlington to Holly Springs 66.9 – 70 miles [Wed 10/04]
Lodging & transportation included for information:
Day 0 ~ Banner Elk Best Western Mountain Lodge ~ $139
Day 1 ~ Wilkesboro Addison Inn ~ $69.29
Day 2 ~ Clemmons Super 8 ~ $66.67
Day 3 ~ Burlington Comfort Inn ~ $78.10
Day 4 ~ Holly Springs Comfort Inn ~
$67.75 [Change bike to RANS Stratus XP]
I plan to document the tour blogging to the respective blogs based on the bike I’m riding, in this case, the Trek Project One. I’ll post GPS data and pictures. Given the short rides, I hope to have posts up by 6:00 p.m. Each hotel has Internet access.

Well so far, the planning is being executed. It is now 5 days to departure.

Five More Days Before Travel To Banner Elk, NC for the Start of The Cycle North Carolina Tour

Next Saturday morning those riders who will travel by bus to Banner Elk will gather at the REI in Cary, NC for transport to the Cycle North Carolina start point. Again, this is a 7-day tour, with average daily mileage of approximately 60 miles. I still intend to ride my road bike and 2 recumbents. At this point, it seems I’ll be self-supporting in that regard.

I plan to cycle to REI in Cary to retrieve my van and then drive to Fayetteville to get my Stratus; drive back to REI, and then cycle back to the hotel [approximately 13 miles each way]. All this after a century ride. Day 4 is the optional century ride day–we will see.

I plan to use a rental cargo van from Kinston to Fayetteville and back for the day 6 exchange from my Stratus to my VK2.

Nextel/Sprint Family Locator Setup

I have setup Family Locator for use by my family in tracking me as I ride about the country. The Motorola i580 is a ruggedized GPS enabled mobile phone. In addition to Family Locator, its GPS function integrates with 911 service. There are practical and emergency reasons that I am subscribing to this service.

Whether you need turn-by-turn driving directions or a smarter way to manage your mobile travel needs, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) solutions can help get it done. GPS location-based safety services like Mobile LocatorTM, allows you to locate a friend or family member’s phone location at anytime, right from your computer. Enjoy audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions to any address, anywhere on Nextel’s Nationwide Network. If you need to make a 911 emergency call, the GPS feature can also help emergency personnel locate you. (If your phone has adequate access to GPS satellite signals and the emergency response center is equipped to process such information.) Click here to learn more about this service.

Will It Rain???

If it does, my Showers Pass Elite Rain Jacket, with hood, & pants are suppose to keep me dry, both in and out. The eVENT fabric, the material the jacket is made from claims to keep you dry.

eVENT Fabric is a Direct Venting™ waterproof barrier that marks a significant advancement in waterproof clothing technology. Using proprietary and patented Dry System™ technology, eVENT Fabric sets a new standard for comfort by allowing perspiration to dissipate and vent without saturating the inside of the fabric.

Here are a few pictures of the jacket