Broken Spokes

Today, I took my LWB in to Kenny Green to have the rear wheel rebuilt. He found yet another broken spoke. I still wonder why this is happening. Of all my bikes and years of riding, I have never had broken spokes. Hopefully, that problem will now be resolved.

My earlier comment: …as I was showing it to two service technicians from both of my LBS, one noted I have a broken spoke, actually 2 broken spokes. I wonder was caused the spokes to break? Anyway, today would have not been a good day to ride the bike. I rode it yesterday, but did not notice the spoke problem.

Footnote: I found another spoke in my vehicle today, Sunday, 6/4/2006. That is now a total of 4 broken rear wheel spokes from the original build. This spoke is not from the Kenny Green rebuilt rear wheel, nor the front wheel.

Gel Seat Pad

Yesterday, I rode my SXP to get some miles in and evaluate the gel pad which I placed beneath the foam pad. Although I was only on the bike for 2 hrs., the seat is more comfortable. I do not think I need the additional foam padding.
I now owe Dana.

Background: …It may be my bottom [a normal not that wide or big on a 168 lb. (76.2 kg.) man] and its interaction with the seat on extended rides. I really want to try something different before my 1,000+ mile (1,609 kms) tour

I just spoke with Dana of Bent Up Cycles regarding my bottom discomfort during my many hours on the RANS. It seems, as I expected, that I may be the exception. That’s OK. Dana is sending me some gel and foam to place beneath the pad. I think it will work. If it solves the problem, then I pay him…

Excellent Customer Service

I purchased my Continental 4000 from Bike Tires Direct. As I stated below, I sent them an e-mail last night telling them of my sidewall puncture. They are sending a replacement tire and based on my desire to use this bike in our Saturday club ride, they will get me the replacement tire on Friday.

This is excellent support. I purchased my NiteRider Flight system from them and then the pair of Continental 4000 tires. I recommend this company for your consideration. I do not have an association with Bike Tires Direct, other than being a thankful customer–please read my disclaimer.

Thanks Jay for your quick reply to my e-mail and the arrangement you made to meet my tire needs for this weekend.