Today’s Ride Summary

During the first part of the ride, I choose to ride to the rear of my club cycling buddies, ridding along at an average speed of 17 mph. At the first sprint point, I was able to pass the other riders (at this point, I achieved my maximum speed of 34.4 mph) and maintained that position for the remainder of the ride. I simply extended to distance between us.

Mind you, these are not B or A group riders. In a few weeks, I’ll have to see how the VK2 does against our best. Get the new front wheel on and continue to improve the engine. I’m excited…

Order Placed

I e-mailed Dana, Bent Up Cycles, in a final effort to find a tubular 406 rim–no luck. He does, however, sell the Hed. Jet 406 rim, and has them in stock–order placed.

He’ll build up the wheel, all black, with the following components:

I‘ll probably receive the wheel week after next. The spokes and hub have to be ordered and the wheel built.