Day 05–Sunday, 06/11/06. Fayetteville 2 Key West Tour

First, the GPS data.

Flickr Pictures of tour day five–Sunday, 6/11

Yesterday, Mark and I both as 2 flats each. My 2 occured in Daytona Beach within 1-2 miles of each other. Mark has one near St. Augustine and one in Daytona Beach just after my first flat. I brough 4 tubes, 2 left. I’ll patch the first 2, if needed. I need more CO2 cartridges, although I have a hand-pump.

My total miles through today 604.89 [973.48 kms].

An Additional Challenge

A tropical depression (now Tropical Storm Alberto) has formed and threatens Florida.

Here is the current projected path.

Sunday: We are just east of Jacksonville, in the Atlantic Beach area. Today, we intend to do another century, the fifth one. My toal distance on this tour is now 497 miles.

We are in from today’s ride. We are at the Holiday Inn in New Smyrna Beach, FL. We rode in heavy rain [actually a thunderstorm] late today.

Monday: It now appears, the tropical storm may pass to our north; although we are likely to have to ride in the rain. Oh well…

Tuesday: We had 3 significant down pours. They appeared to just be regular rain storms–not Alberto related. Now, tomorrow is your turn.

Wednesday: Fayetteville, NC

Day 03–Friday, 06/09/06. Fayetteville 2 Key West Tour

We are in. Going to eat. I’ll work on pictures on return.

Today’s MotionBased GPS Data.

Finally, some pictures. Flickr pictures of tour day three, Friday, 6/9.

Don’t forget to select a map of your preference if you’d like to see where the picture was taken. They are geotagged–a part of my reason for the delay on days 01 & 02, plus my day was long.

I‘m sorry, my days are long…