27-Mile Training Ride

Rode the VK2 [ 0710241704Eastover ] to at lease tone my not recently used ‘bent muscles and check the bike for roadworthiness.

Had an issue with the NiteRider Evolution Smart headlight. It’s not coming on when the tail light is plugged in. Plus, I’m not getting the 4 LEDs in the light to indicate a full charge. I may be getting close to battery replacement time. I’ll try to reset the battery as per instructions on NiteRider’s web site.

I have an Evolution Smart and I’m getting a single red LED on the fuel gauge after a full charge, what does that mean?
You might need to reset the battery’s chip. Run the lamp (discharge the battery) until it’s very dim, but not until it goes out completely. Then apply a full charge. Don’t forget to have a fan blowing over the lamp, to keep it cool, while discharging the battery.

I placed the taillight on a dedicated Li-Ion battery. That way, both lights will have a longer run-time. Ordered the appropriate cable. In the meantime, I borrowed the one on my Trek Project One DF.

I need more secure fasteners for the top of the panniers. The one with water [on the right] unfastened. Near the end of the ride, my water tube was swept into the wheel. The rubber end came off, resulting in my stopping because of the friction. I did not find what caused it until I got home.

Tightened the water bottle holder.

Side Visibility

Ordered 2 DiNotte Amber Headlights to be used as side running lights on the VK2. I’ll also use the lights on my other bikes to increase my visibility. Ultimately, I want two-tiers of lights, i.e., a backup system for the VK2. Such a system will likely be portable between my Trek Project One, my RANS Stratus XP, and my VK2.

The lights are coming by Express Mail and hopefully arrive NLT Friday, 10/26.

Rob, the sales person with whom I spoke was very helpful in giving me important information and answering my question on lighting for my bikes. He event took the time to look at pictures of the 2 ‘bents via these blogs. I’d say DiNotte customer service is excellent. My experience is consistent with my reading of other BROL member’s experiences. THANKS Rob!

Kickstand, of Sorts

On purchasing My VK2, I purchased the Topeak Flashstand [shown in the picture to the right] to prop up the bike. I’ve used it for photographs, but have not transported it with the bike.

I made a few modifications to the head and moved the location where I’m place the stand [see the photo below].

Now that I have the panniers, I have an easier way to carry it, so it is my kickstand, of sorts.