MS-150 Training Ride–Sponsored by C4

We rolled out at 8:04 a.m. from Stedman, NC for the 37-mile loop. We rolled at 11:05 for loop2, a 27-mile ride. Fifteen of us rode the first loop and 7 began the 2nd loop. All riders finished the 37-mile loop and 5 of us finished loop #2. Total distance of both loops, ~66 miles. We finished the 27-miler at 1:13 p.m. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Thanks to our leader, Dave Hayes and his wife, Lori, for a well organized, marked, and supported ride, plus it was fun.

Here is the GPS data from MotionBased Web Site. MB beta player is not available to me for this ride. Currently, the player is available on a random basis for activities as they are uploaded. Ultimately, it will be available for all activities in each user’s digest. When it is, I’ll update the screen capture below.

This image is a capture of the MB current map player.

In addition, this image is also included.

Google Earth Satellite map of the route

Flickr pictures [select this link to see all pictures taken]

Google Earth Tour of the ride, with photos attached to the GPS tracks [in a bit].


  • If you are not a Google Earth user, you will have to download Google Earth and install it. I find Google Earth 4.0 beta renders graphics very well. The user interface is also improved.
  • Please check to see if your computer meets the required minimums for this application.
  • After Google Earth is installed, select the Google Earth Community link above to download the complete tour. Once my forum entry is on your screen, select the “Open this Placemark” icon to start the download. You may select “open” or “save” this file to play the tour. Save, if you want to keep the tour on your computer.


  1. I recommend you set the control speed to fast [Tools, Options, Control Tab, Fly-To/Tour Settings, Speed], using the slider.
  2. In the layers section, ensure roads is set on [so you see road names and route markers]

Press the Play icon [use F11 to toggle the image from a window to full screen]

Using the Overview Windows [CTRL M] may help in knowing your location. Make other adjustments as needed to give you the clarity you want as you play the tour at your desired speed.


Well, on to the next task, says Dave & Lori.

It’s [this MS Training Ride] over and time to go party…
Thanks again Dave & Lori. GREAT JOB!

Today’s C4 Ride–UNEVENTFUL!

We rode the same route, “Stedman Baby“, this week, as last week. Last week we has the accident and stops for 2 flats. GPS data. Here are a collage of pictures taken at the first rest stop, which happens to be where the accident happened last week.

This is a multi-exposure of 2 shots I took. I think the effect is interesting.
Note Leo at the railroad tracks.

Friday Morning Ride

Charles Speas, a C4 member, and occasional 2005 riding partner, and I went for a 22-mile ride this morning. Today, I had some GPS problems–not started; cutting off, etc. We’ll ride this course again to get the complete loop. Here are the vitals from 16 miles of the ~22 miles ridden.

This part of the ride was captured

Tomorrow, we have our regular club ride followed by a 63-mile MS-150 training ride on Sunday. Of course these will be ridden on the DF. In between, I plan to ride both recumbents. I ended up not riding Tue, Wed, or Thursday. That was not my plan; but, that is what happened. Now to string together a few riding days. Maybe between David and Charles we can keep each other going.