Actually, almost 55 miles. I now need about 77 more miles to reach my 5K goal by the end of the calendar year. Depending on weather, I may do 22 DF miles tomorrow. After today’s ride, the legs feel different than I have experienced in years–they ache. It was not too bad on the bike, although I felt symptoms of cramping. I never quite got there (cramped). I think I can tell I have not been getting the miles I need for the legs to remain conditioned. I’m glad the heart did not ache. I could use a massage. A DF ride should be a good recovery ride.

Anyway, the ride was a good one.

Dot Race comparing this ride [red dot] with my DF ride [blue dot] of the 31st.

Here is the route (I’ve ridden this one before):

The bike checked out well–no minor adjustments needed after this ride. I listened to music from the XM radio and then about 2 hours of CNN. I returned to Fayetteville after dark and during rush-hour traffic on one of our busiest streets. I stayed calm. I’d say some of the drivers were not. I arrived home safely–thank goodness!

Although the temperature was comfortable, I rode with the full-face shield. It worked very well. I think I’d like to be able to flip it up. I may make that modification later. At the end of the ride, as I climbed that last hill back to the house, the shield did fog up. I need to get the anti-fogging wipe and see if it works. If it had been colder, I think the fog would have dissipated. Well, tomorrow I will have the opportunity to check out the shield in the rain.

P.S. The aching muscles have stopped aching. THANKS!