2007 FestiVELO de Charleston ~ 12/02/2007

I rode my Trek Project One along this route:
Ride Details from MotionBased: 07120250805FestiVELO
The city is interesting and made more so by our Sunday tour guide, Cathy [the rider in the white and black on the right of the photo].

Several photos can be see in my Flickr uploads.

Cathy & Me just before
my departure for home.
Photo by Michael Davis

2007 FestiVELO de Charleston ~ 12/01/2007

I rode my Velokraft VK2 along this route:

Michael Davis captured this picture of me just before the ride.photo by Michael Davis

Ride Details from MotionBased: 0712010739FestiVELO

The route was a scenic improvement over the previous 2 days. The route was less safe than the other 2 routes. The cue sheet said 95 miles, the actual distance was 87.18 miles, short 12.82 miles. When I got in safely, I decided not to hedge by bets, given that I was riding my low-racer.

BTW, I rode in strong cross-winds with the disc rear wheel and high-profile front wheel–no problems at all.
I had a blast on this ride. Coming down one of the bridges I achieved a speed of 38.7 mph. It was easy to sprint ahead of riders if I wanted to. I paced myself to ensure I had legs and knees to get home. Some called me Rocket Man–Roger certainly did. Although we stopped a lot which slowed our avg speed, I was able to pass and avoid bring passed. Other riders were impressed with the VK2’s speed [and I’m not “bent fit.” Roger and I SXPed together, but not trike and low-racer.

He gave me permission to go ahead [and I did]. as we saw each other we waved and blew horns.

2007 FestiVELO de Charleston ~ 11/30/2007

I rode my RANS Stratus SPX along this route [again & again on the Sullivan’s Island portion]:

Here I go…
Photo by Michael Davis

Ride Details from MotionBased: 0711300738FestiVELO

After riding over 7 hours and having just under 50 miles, Roger and I decided to head back and then decide if we would do a century. After getting back and only having 64.37 miles in near 8 hours, we decided to call it a day. The multiple relative short loops in conditions where it was difficult to achieve a high speed made century completion a challenge, particularly on heavier bikes.

This image was taken near the beginning of the ride
Photo by Michael Davis