The Cat Flag is on its way…

Received an e-mail from the CatFlag maker that he shipped my Cat Windsail Saturday, 01/05/2008.

Update: As of today, 01/12/2008, I have not yet received my Catrike Windsail. To the right is a picture of the rack & panniers, with shaft for the windsail. It sits and waits…

ook closely at the top and you will see the strobe light that I’ll use with the trike–close-up below.

I expect the windsail will cover the orange portion of the strobe light. The black stripe is electrical tape, used to secure the wiring. If anything, I expect to shorten the shaft. I did not want to bother the maker by asking for dimensions. Hopefully, I’ll receive the winsail next week. I do have a USPS tracking number.

This is an interesting piece of kit.

Again, the speaker is larger than I initially thought from the first picture of it that I saw. Here you see the speaker components. The case is open so you see where the iPod goes. Also pictures are the RF remote control; the speaker cage, the AC adapter to charge the iPod; and a carry-bag.

01/02/2008 Shipment Received (6)

Received the following items today [albeit much later than hoped for–5:20 p.m.]:

  1. Arkel Tail Rider (sit aside)
  2. Fastback Systems Fastback 4.0 (check Nalgene Hydration System fit)
  3. Fastback Systems Flash Frame Pack (wait for trike)
  4. Fastback Systems NorBack Frame Pack (wait for trike)
  5. Incredibell XL (wait for trike)
  6. On-The-Go-Speaker (test)
  • Arkel Tail Rider–I like the bag. I’ll just have to determine how I’ll use it, probably not on the trike.
  • Fastback Systems Fastback 4.0–My 3-liter bag fits, but the Nalgene Insulator Cover has to be removed.
  • Fastback Systems Flash Frame Pack–Nothing unexpected. I have one on my SXP.
  • Fastback Systems NorBack Frame Pack–Nothing unexpected. I have one on my SXP.
  • Incredibell XL–Nothing unexpected. It is quite compact.
  • On-The-Go-Speaker–Actually iH85 (Model number) My iPod Shuffle will not work in this speaker. The iPod must dock and cannot be a 3rd Generation Ipod. Well to use it I now have to purchase a different iPod. I’ve done some Internet browsing, but have not decided which to use. This situation is unexpected, this even after a telephone call to the seller where I described what I thought was a picture of the iPod Shuffle within the case. The speaker is slightly larger than water bottle size. The picture I saw on the Internet made me think it is smaller than it is.