C4 Lu Mil Vineyard Ride

Today, over 40 bikers rode near 40 miles in Bladen County as participants in a special club ride:

Join C4 and NCESPN at Lu Mil Vineyard, Dublin NC for a 40 mile bike ride, after ride feast and fun. The ride is out and back on country roads. Start Time:1000 am from the vineyard. A route map will be posted at: http://www.crosscreekcyclingclub.org./

Join C4, NCESPN and Pierro’s for lunch at approximately 12:00 noon. Cost: $2.50 per person. Family/friends invited! Don’t ride a bike? Join us for lunch anyway! Check out the Lu Mil website for vineyard info. and location at: http://www.lumilvineyard.com/

Here is the ride: 0707151015C4Lu Mill Vineyard Ride [a wrong turn added miles & time, but gave those who made it 40+ miles.]

Of course there are pictures: [click this link to see all 42 pics]

Yes, I purchased 2 bottles of wine [Cape Owen Red & Bladen Blush] and a bottle of Muscadine Cider [170 calories per 8oz serving–shucks]. I’ve tried the Bladen Blush. I like it! Actually, I tasted all 3 and they met my taste test.

44.65 Total Mile Ridden Today

Combine 2 transportation rides with the C4 ride and I have just over 44 miles ridden today. I managed to average 19.1 mph on my road bike–not bad, particularly since I’ve not ridden since last Saturday. Tomorrow, I have a 36 or so mile ride.

Following the club ride, most of us assembled at Festival park for the Bike Town USA giveaway of 50 bikes to fortunate Fayetteville/Fort Bragg winners.

Other photos taken today. [16 pics]