I have to report on 3 areas:

  1. I now have a stable that houses 2 ‘bents; a DF; & MTB–it is the utility room.
  2. I have built a platform to be placed on my floor scale to allow me to weigh anything that’s too large for the scale itself. The platform is 101.5″x20.” I used 2×4’s for the base–photographs above.
  3. I’ve made a few additional adjustments to the RANS: I moved my XM radio; collocated the 2 Garmin Edge 305 GPS; repositioned the light behind the neck rest; and repositioned the safety flag.

Over the next week or so, I intend to write about the above changes.

Fairing Fogging & Condensation

On Monday, November 13th, I said:

From my ride this morning [I think it was cold enough], I had NO fogging or condensation. I think with a correct fairing position for the bike and rider, neither fogging nor condensation will occur.

My experience yesterday was different, that is I had fogging and condensation. It seemed the air contained much more moisture. So, from this, I know know it is not just fairing position or air exhaled. I think temperature and humidity [dew point] are also factors. Maybe a chemical solution will help.

What Is This?

It’s 8:25 a.m. and I’m not sitting on the Stratus, spinning my way down the road. By now, I would have been near 5.5 hours into the ride. Anyway, I’m sure this feeling of not riding will go away soon. I want to ride my DF today for recovery–maybe some of my church riding friends will be available in the afternoon. Today is a busy business day that may preclude anything physical. Again, we will see…