Velokraft VK2

…and other previously owned cycles.

  1. Catrike 700 [Silk]
  2. RANS Stratus XP
  3. Trek 5200
  4. Trek Y-22

This is incredibly special bicycle, a Short Wheel Base [SWB] low-racer recumbent, the Velokraft VK2 [new website], purchased fall of 2005. In this blog I describe my experiences in customizing, riding, and using the its various accessories as it continues to evolve. SOLD, March 26, 2010. Now [03-06-2012, 02:13 AM] for sale by the buyer as “The prettiest VK2 Ever“.

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17 thoughts on “Velokraft VK2”

  1. I have a VK2 and ride it a lot. It is a fun bike and sometimes it is pretty fast. I have been riding my VK2 for about five years. I took a couple of spills on it, but there is not a scratch on it. I race in the Portland, Oregon Human Challenge and also at the Hellyer Velodrome during the Memorial Day holidays.


  2. No, I am not on BROL. You can find me racing on the Oregon Human Power Challenge in Portland, Oregon. I am not all that fast, but I do try to finish the race. I also race at the Hellyer in San Jose. All the big speed demons are out there and I just watch them burn the track up. Most of them are RAAMs and Battle Mountain speed record holders. I was lucky to take first place in my division this year. I race in the Super Stock division. You could possibly put my name, Bill Martin, in your search engine to find me too. Or you might put OHPV in there, or Oregon Human Power Challenge. I feel kind of like a Tiger Woods out here in this sport. The people I race with are very accommodating and very professional. It is like a big family and the main thing is to have fun! If you do not win the race during the day, you certainly will win at the social gatherings they have at night. Each year, I increase my speed record by a few notches. The VK2 I have rides pretty nice. Today, I discovered a method to get me going a few mphs faster on it. I know it can get up to about 40mph or faster but I am very uncomfortable riding it any faster than 30mph cause it is so light, I can not feel it at those speeds. I can not believe something so light can be so strong. I am in the process of ordering a Renn disc wheel. I have been running HED tri-spokes in the back and a HED flanged wheel up front. I put an enormous tailbox made out of coroplast on the back. You will see all this when you find the site. They take a billion pictures in these events. Well you take care.


    1. Hi Bill, Thanks for sharing and posting your comments on this blog. You have me intrigued. Our closest Velodrome [Asheville, NC] is about 5 hours from me. I’ve not raced, but HPV [recumbent] racing sounds exciting. Finishing is god and placing [winning] your class is even better.

      I will look you up as soon as I can. This morning [see it is afternoon already] have really eaten my time. Consider this, there are BROL members who can benefit from you sharing your experiences there also. OTOH, I’m delighted you are posting here. I get a fair number of readers–not all on this bike though.

      Thanks and take care.



  3. Oh Jim,
    there is one other little thing I forgot to tell you. My little brother is Mad Mike. He is on a TV show called Pimp My Ride. I do not know if you get it out there. Any way, I am getting me an electric trike soon and plan on pimping it out a bit. Josh Kerson is hooking me up with a cool trike. You can communicate with him at or email him at if you are interested in electric bikes. I see you did a fine job on your VK2. I race with a guy out here in California and I call him Captain America because his bikes are decked out in Red, White, and Blue,,,and he wears the same biking suit you do. So now I know two Captain Americas. Wow!!!



    1. Two of us [CA], eh?

      I do not think I have seen Pimp My Ride. I’ll have to find it and check out your little brother.

      Not in to cycles powered by other than human power yet.

      I think the custom VK2 makes a GREAT presentation. My Red, White, & Blue came about because they are my cycle club colors. The bike uses its theme. Of course my cycling attire is club attire. I have been call Captain America before. It’s okay.


    1. Thanks Duncan. Now I [and other readers] have an easy reference for Bill.

      Bill, that is a big tailbox–all the aerodynamic, I’ll bet. You look really strong in the photo. I’ll see others soon. I’m time-challenged today.

      Thanks guys!



  4. Dear Mr. Watson,
    Thanks for the pic. You know I was telling Larry Lem that my tailbox looks like a casket. I might just put some handles on it and make it look like one next year. If I get into any serious accidents, the box will just fly right over me and I could be packed, signed, sealed and delivered, right on the track. Then six of you guys could carry me back and place me on the back of my pickem up truck. I had a great time at the Oregon Human Power Challenge this year. First time the weather was really nice. Hope to see everybody there next year if the Economy is willing.
    thanks again,


  5. Dear Jalexartis,
    where am I getting this Mr. Watson from? I thought your last name was Watson. I must have been reading a Sherlock Holmes novel or something. Well, today I went out on my Spin Cycle. It was built by Larry Lem. The doggone thing gives you a great upper arm work out. I hand cranked it about four miles today on the trail. I just wondered, did I ever meet you? You are not the guy who builds those strange bikes and brings them to Portland Human Power Challenge each year. There was a guy that looked like you that had this yellow contraption. The bike must of been about seven or eight feet tall and it rode on 15 inch wells. It was pretty neat to see people ride it. Reminded me of something I would see in a circus. I need to figure out a way to enclose the VK2 and turn it into a streamliner. Got any ideas? I am finding out that I am starting to get leg cramps if I ride the bike faster than 30 mph for any length of time. I hate to leg a leg cramp, clamped into the pedals. I am running a 55T to a 11T rear and can really rock and roll. How fast have you gotten your VK2 up to on level ground?


    1. Hello Bill,

      Watson–I have no idea. No stranger bills than you see here. No to Portland HPC, I’m on the east coast, although I did the ’08 STP on my VK2. I’ve not ventured to streamliners. Garrie Hill of know HPV fame from Ohio may be able to help you there. VK2 level ground, I think in the 30s. Impressive that you are getting a monster ride from your VK–sorry for the cramps. Take care. The best…



  6. dear Jim,
    I am about to get my baby soon from Josh at Runaboutcycles. Did you get a chance to see his website? My trike will be a red-orange color. I am suppose to go 40 miles on one charge. The bike charges up in about 4 hours. I can go about 30 mph, but I think it can go faster than that depending on the cyclist. If you go to Google Earth and put in Wilderness Park, Downey, that is where I will be test riding it. It is a nice little park with 3 little lakes. It is also next to my bike path that leads me down to the Pacific ocean. It is called the San Gabriel Water Canal. There is another one called the Los Angeles River and Rio Hondo. I go down those all the time. At the end is the Queen Mary or the River End Cafe in Seal Beach. The bike path is nicely paved and painted. There are a few rough spots though and I have to slow down. My 53 year old body is not as good as it use to be, but I can still blow by a lot of those young whipper snappers. Well I am glad I got your name right. It is nice meeting you and hope you keep me informed on what goes on the East Coast. I was a member of the Major Taylor society and I am trying to be like him. Maybe you want to do some research on him and see how he got into the biking world. Well, I got a space in my storage facility ready for my new trike. I am all excited. Send an email to Josh Kerson at and tell him you know me. Take care now and God Bless.


  7. dear jalexartis, I have not talked to you in a while. I have been having fun on my electric trikes. Since our last chat, I went and got a more power trike. It has a 900 watt motor on it. I am riding hundreds of miles a month. I also dug out my VK2 and I am really flying on it too. Found a new bike shop in town that gives full service for reasonable price. Trying to lose some body weight and working out in the gym developing the leg muscles. I am getting up in age in the high 50’s and that is how fast I want to be on the VK2. I will be 57 this year so my goal is to peak the VK2 out at 57 mph. A week ago, I got up to 49 mph, but it was a frightening experience because the VK2 is so light, it feels like I am flying with no bike. I hate to see the bike fail under such high speeds. I still can not develop this high speed on the Velodrome. I race at the Hellyer Velodrome each year with all the speed demon legends of the cycling world. The VK2 is too flexible on the curves and I always have to power down. I get my best speed records at the Portland, Oregon Human Power events at the PIR. I have not gone in two years due to the gas prices and the rain. Maybe this year will be better. Hope to meet you someday at one of these events if you still are into racing. You know, the older we get, the smarter we get, and speed with an older body just does not mix. Let me know your latest adventures and take care.


    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the updates.

      Your VK2 riding is extremely exciting–WOW man! I’m not a racer, but enjoy speed, within reason. OTOH, I do not see age as a purely limiting factor. You are a young man. It is great that you ride in the events that you do and at the speed you desire–just be careful. I know the VK2 is a blast to ride. I enjoyed walking down DF riders, passing them, and opening up a separation in front of them. Maybe one day, I’ll have a Cruzbike Vendetta and can experience the same again, albeit as an older rider. I’m 67 now. I think I’ll be in by 70s by the time I can buy a Vendetta.

      In the meantime, I’ll ride my road bike, my crank forward, and my quadricycle] when it is returned from Utah Trikes]. Glad you are enjoying your electric trike. I have never ridden a powered cycle. More power to you!



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