RANS Stratus XP

…and other previously owned cycles.

  1. Catrike 700 [Silk]
  2. Trek 5200
  3. Trek Y-22
  4. Velokraft VK2
I purchased this Long Wheel Base [LWB] recumbent from Dana at Bent Up Cycles for a cycling tour from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida in June 2006. I selected the SXP because I think it is better suited for touring than my Trek Project One, which I rode on a 225 mile tour in 2005. SOLD, March 16, 2010.

flickr pictures: [Collection]

11 thoughts on “RANS Stratus XP”

  1. Received via e-mail from Scott/BROL’s MrBent:

    Hi, Jim:

    I’m eating up your blog re. the STXP. I want to set up mine very similarly to yours, especially the fairing, under seat rack, and fenders.

    Some questions, if don’t mind?

    1) How well are your hands and feet protected behind the fairing? I’m concerned about cold weather riding. I’m debating about going with the t-bar or the choppers, and fit behind a fairing is an important consideration.

    2) What kind of fenders are those? Nice!

    After looking at XP’s with the Windwrap fairing, I’ve decided that yours looks better, so I’ll be contacting Karl when I’m ready.

    Thanks for your time!


    aka “MrBent” on BROL


    1. To which I responded via e-mail:

      Hi Scott, a.k.a. MrBent from BROL

      Thanks for asking. My responses follow:

      1) My feet are more protected than my hands, especially from rain. When it is cold, both feet and hands will chill, although I think less than without the fairing. It is really difficult to compare without on/off in the same weather conditions. Given a choice, I’d go with the fairing.

      2) The fenders are silver SKS fenders from Peter White Cycles. Please see this post.

      I need to place your questions and my response in the blog. Someone else may want to know the same. I’ll place then on my Stratus XP page.

      Thanks for the compliments and your visits to my blog.



  2. Man-o-Man, Our Paths are crossing more and more…
    I would like to here more about the S-XP, I road on two days ago I like the fit and ride. It is not what I want over all I would like to get a SWB bent. But all you can tell me about your S-XP; set up, wheels, handle bars, and ??????? what ever else you can feed back .

    P.S. I did fill out you questioner/Feed back.. THAT was fun… LOL!


    1. Good Morning Jeff, I’ve always thought that if one talks long enough, you’ll be amazed what you have in common. This blog is loaded with RANS Stratus XP information. I rode it on 3 tours in 2006 [2 round-trips from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Richmond and a one-way from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida in 9 days-1,062 miles. I love the comfortable ride. I have 7 cycles so that I have the best cycle for the riding occasion. I do not worry, should I not ride one for a while. It only means I need to change riding venues.

      The bike is basically factory, except assessories. This blog has more info than you might imagine. Please search from May ’06 through Dec ’08.

      Thanks for completing the Visitors Survey. I’ll review shortly. Thanks also for your continued visits and this comment.



  3. Jim,

    Could you send me a picture showing how the rear SKS fender is attached on your RANS Stratus XP? I am talking about the front of the rear fender where it attaches under the seat. Looking at the pictures on the Peter White site, the attachment is not clear (to me!).


  4. James, I’ve been very interested in the Stratus XP this summer (2011). After test-riding many recumbents and owning a Tour Easy, the XP is one of the most comfortable recumbents I’ve ever ridden! The cockpit and recline are about perfect for me. But the back edge of the seat pan has been a show-stopper, and I never purchased the otherwise great bike. I see you got rid of the entire back ridge. Great photo collage! How did it work? What tools did you use? Did the seat pad stay in place? You ended up selling the bike, any reason? Thanks!

    –Greg Goode


    1. Hi Greg,

      The RANS Stratus was my most comfortable recumbent and a dream to ride–especially for touring. The seat adjustment for essential for me. I used a saw to cut away the ridge. Yes, the seat pad still fit and did not move about.

      I sold the SXP to a deserving buyer [Michele] to reduce my stock [space] and for dollars [as I built up Fargo [my quad]. I also sold my VK2, a road bike, and my MTB.

      I truly enjoyed my 3 long tour on the Stratus XP.

      I hope this helps.



      1. Thanks Jim! I think I’m gonna give this a try. I’ll buy a seat, get it modded, and then take it to a dealer to install for a test-ride. If it is as good as I think it’ll be, then I’ll buy the bike. Thanks for putting so much helpful information out there!



        You still have Silk, right? If I ever get another trike, it will be the 700!


        1. Greg, I do not think you will regret owning a SXP. Once it is dialed in for your body, I do not think you can find a more comfortable cycle. The best.

          Yes, I still have Silk, Fay, Fargo [although in parts for now], and my road bike.

          Take care…



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