Cycles I have owned

Gone, but not forgotten:

The Forlorn Five

  1. Catrike 700 [Silk]
  2. RANS Stratus XP
  3. Trek 5200
  4. Trek Y-22
  5. Velokraft VK2

Currently Own

4 thoughts on “Cycles I have owned”

  1. Love your bikes! Can you share with me how you got into recumbent riding shape from an upright?? I brought a Mantis Tadpole trike before I did any research so it is what I have for the present! Want any sggestions from you how to go fast and cool! Thanks for any help and info!


    1. Thanks Danie,

      I just started riding–no particular problem. My legs wee in great shape. I rode from Fayetteville, NC to Richmond, VA and then to Key West, FL. All this on my RANS Stratus XP. I do not know that ‘bent muscles are essential, if you are fit. Of course, the mind must be fit as well. Fast–high RPM. Interval training works well. You are cool riding a trike. The best!!! –jim


  2. Hey Jim

    Love your Silk. Just purchased a Catrike 700, and am interested in the wheel covers. Can you email me contact details for Garrie Hill please




    1. G’day Greg,

      Thanks on Silk. It was indeed a blast to ride and fun to build up as I did. I contact Garrie through ‘Bentrider Online [BROL]. He is member CFBB there. I hope this helps. –jim


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