Fargo ~ Mods & Tweaks [Lighting 1]

JULY 10, 2010
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by jalexartis
Cabin7 croppedGone will be the two light bars and the multi-tiered system [I’ll still have pairs of lights and backup batteries]. This is to reduce the total weight of the quadricycle system. In their place will be two added features [brake lights & turn signals] I’ve wanted, but did not have the time to implement. In my Fargo ~ 07/09, rear-end delivery, to UTC article, I mention my work on brake lights and the fact that I had not found a good turn signal solution.

I touched base with Duncan Watson [BROL Member DuncanJames] [a new mango Sport Velomobile owner], who offered promising suggestions. I’m currently awaiting a reply from David Hembrow of Ligfietsgarage Groningen, producer of the Mango and dealer of Sinner Recumbents. Today, Is Masin [also a BROL Member], offered a suggestion I am prepared to implement [depending of cost comparison]. He says:

If you still have some of your old DiNotte 140 amber lights, you could set four of them up as turn signals. Run each side’s front and rear lights into a wye connecter, and then into an in-line switch. Leave the lights in strobe mode and use the switches to cut them on and off.

Revised rear lighting arrangement.Earlier in the week, I fashioned a combination DiNotte 400L and brake light, using the two 140L AA lights from my trailer. [They started as replacement flagpole lights and evolved to brake lights as more practical and only need power when the brakes are applied.

Today, after Is Masin’s suggestion, I modified the light bracket to take an additional 140L light—amber for turn signals. I am pleased with the result and do not know if I can arrive at a better look for me.

The bracket [same ICE brackets used for my mirrors] was on the quad before as the mount for my tier two SON Hub. Now, it is a convenient mount for my DiNotte Lights. To it, I attached a 4 1/2″ piece of 1/2″ PVC tubing that is covered with black heat-shrink tubing. Into the ends, I placed a rubber mount like those used to mount fairings and, in my case, Lexan that was used on Fargo. I then used thumb screws for a more finished look. I think the light attachment is obvious.

The top left 140L light will be the amber left turn signal, on the slow-flash mode when energized. The top right 140L light is the brake light. I have a special switch that will be actuated by the brake cable pull and a 3-wire system to ensure the light come on regardless of which brake lever is pulled. I plan to use both lights in their brightest setting since they are momentary on. For turn signal switching, I plan to use a DPDT NO Momentary Switch. I may change this to individual switches for each handlebar.

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July 10, 2010 6:28 pm
This looks great!! Really need a test drive with multiple perspective drivebys. I wonder if the lights need more distance between them. If I ‘see’ this correctly. Good swap off of weight.


jalexartis PERMALINK*
July 10, 2010 6:33 pm
I’ve use these on multiple cycles. I think the placement is good. I think the turn signal amber will be seen. I need to be compact. The cage is to also be narrower. The actual configuration on the quad will not happen until the cage is modified and returned from Utah Trikes. Thanks Candace. –jim


jalexartis PERMALINK*
July 10, 2010 6:28 pm
Now to determine exactly how I will mount the front lighting [one 400L and one 140L (signal light)] X 2. I hope to show you that tomorrow. –jim

P.S. I made it today.


jalexartis PERMALINK*
July 11, 2010 3:47 pm
I have decided on my turn signal switches. I use DiNotte SPST Push-button switches, one for each handlebar. To indicate a right-turn, depress the button on the right handlebar, and so forth. To activate “emergency/hazard flashers” put both buttons in an on state. The wiring is simple and the switches are less expensive than other solution I have studied, plus the switches can be easily mounted. I am please with this solution. Again thanks to Is Masin for solidifying the concept. I am waiting for a cost estimate from DiNotte. I want to trad in 2 400L engines I have. That will help.

On switches, I move the 2 in the Power Bot to the front cross bar and add a switch for the 1200L Headlight. That is a total of 5 DiNotte switches for the lighting system, plus 2 compression switches for the brake lights.


July 13, 2010 10:12 am
Always interesting. Looking at the photos, I can see how the “rubber loops?” will keep the lights attached to the bar; however, I can not tell what keeps the lights from inadvertently rotating down or up around the black bar, pointing in a different direction. Is there something between light and bar? Are the loops that tight?




jalexartis PERMALINK*
July 13, 2010 11:34 am
Hi Dan,

They are that tight. There is nor rotation from road/trial riding vibrations. Beneath the lights is a dime size rubber disk that increases the friction between the light and the surface of the heat shrink tubing. Overtime, you may need to make minor adjustments. DiNotte uses the same mounting techniques for handlebar and their proprietary 140L/200L lights, albeit with greater tension.


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