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Cycling Apps

Discover the top-rated cycling apps to enhance your ride with training tools, route planning, and progress tracking. Get the best cycling apps now!

Cycling Apps Enhancing Your Ride with the Top Tech Tools

Cycling Apps. women reading her cycling app

Cycling apps have evolved into indispensable companions for riders everywhere, whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rugged mountain biking trails. With your smartphone as your co-pilot, you’ll have access to a suite of features that can amplify your cycling experience. But with so many cycling app options in 2024, how do you pick the best one for your spinning wheels? Let’s break it down!

Key Takeaways

  • Cycling apps provide vital features for route exploration, workout analytics, and indoor training adaptability.
  • Connectivity with intelligent trainers and accessories like heart rate monitors enhances the training experience.
  • Multi-functional cycling apps offer comprehensive tools for cyclists seeking structured training and social connectivity.

Tracking and Analytics Apps

Whether you’re a weekend warrior hitting the bike paths or a severe cyclist clocking up miles on gravel bikes, you’ll want a cycling app that offers tracking and in-depth analytics. Have you ever wondered how a simple app on your smartphone can transform your ride experience?


Cycling Apps sSrava

Strava has become virtually synonymous with cycling. Let’s face it: this is the cycling app you need if you’re serious about tracking your rides and training load. Think of Strava as your training partner and coach rolled into one. Not only does it allow you to record your ride using GPS, but it also offers: (1)

  • Social Integration: Compete against fellow cyclists with segment challenges and share your victories on the Strava feed.
  • Training App: Tailor your cycling training with personalised workouts and exercise plans. It’s like having a coach in your pocket!
  • Advanced Analytics: View your effort with a range of stats – perfect for improving those personal bests.

Is the competitive edge not enough? Strava’s segment leaderboards can keep you pushing every time you ride. With new Strava segments being added regularly, there’s always a fresh challenge awaiting.

MapMyride cycling app

Cycling Apps map my ride

Another popular cyclist choice, MapMyRide by Under Armour, turns your smartphone into a GPS cycling computer without costing you a penny for its free version. Impressed? Here’s what you can expect: (2)

  • Route Planning: Use Google Maps data to find new routes or track your own. Have you ever been lost on a ride? Say goodbye to that.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor your stats, including duration, distance, pace, and calories burned. This is ideal for those focused on fitness progress.

This app also allows for navigation and offers insight into the best bike routes, including bike lanes and even the National Cycle Network in the UK. MapMyRide can seamlessly connect with many devices – from your heart rate monitor to your power meter.

Remember, the best cycling apps will help sharpen your cycling sessions, keep you motivated, and offer nuggets of virtual companionship or competition. Whether cycling outside, braving mountain biking trails, or enjoying an indoor training session on a turbo trainer, these apps take you from merely cycling to optimising each pedal stroke. Feeling like a pro already, aren’t you?

So, have you decided which cycling app fits your style of riding? Or better yet, why not test-ride a few? After all, many cycling apps are just a free trial away from winning you.

Indoor Cycling Apps

Are you looking for a way to boost your indoor training? Let’s explore some of the best indoor cycling apps. These platforms provide structured training plans, performance tracking, and a virtual world to explore—all from the comfort of your home.


Cycling Apps zwrift

Imagine racing through a virtual world, pedalling alongside cyclists from across the globe. That’s Zwift, a cycling app that transports you to digitally-crafted routes with a community of riders. Here’s what to expect: (3)

  • Virtual Routes: Choose from many routes, including mountain biking trails. Fancy a tour of London or a ride in New York Central Park? Zwift has you sorted.
  • Structured Training: With over 1,000 workouts and plans, Zwift caters to your training needs. You’ll feel like you have a coach right by your side.
  • Community: Ride with friends, join group workouts, or compete in races. User testimonials rave about the Zwift community’s motivation factor.
  • Compatibility: Use Zwift on iOS or Android devices, including tablets and Apple TV. Pair it with a smart trainer or power meter for accurate data.
Virtual WorldsMultiple, including Watopia, New York, and London
Fitness TrackingMonitors power, heart rate, and performance metrics
Smart Trainer IntegrationYes, for immersive resistance changes
Free TrialYes, so you can see if it’s the right fit for you


Cycling Apps trainer road

If you’re after a purely performance-centric experience, TrainerRoad may be the best app for you. This indoor training app is focused on results. Let’s take a peek: (4)

  • Structured Training Plans: TrainerRoad offers personalised training plans based on your fitness level and goals. Whether prepping for a race or building endurance, your training schedule is all mapped out.
  • Data-Driven: Every workout informs you of your training load and performance improvements with clear, concise metrics.
  • Cyclist Success Stories: Be inspired by countless success stories and use TrainerRoad as a training partner on your journey to success.
  • App Features: The app allows you to upload workouts to other popular cycling apps like Strava for seamless fitness tracking.
Structured PlansPersonalised to rider’s goals and fitness level
Performance FocusEmphasis on power and training load
Training AnalysisIn-depth metrics to monitor progress
IntegrationWorks with Strava, smart trainers, and heart rate monitors

So there you have it. Whether you yearn for the social buzz of Zwift or the laser-focused training of TrainerRoad, these indoor cycling apps will help turn your stationary bike session into a dynamic and effective workout. Ready to ride?

All-in-One Cycling  Apps

Are you looking for the ultimate cycling app that caters to every imaginable need while pedalling away, indoors or out? All-in-one apps are where it’s at — offering connectivity with your devices and a wealth of features to enhance your riding experience. Let’s jump into one of the best cycling apps in this comprehensive category.


Cycling Apps wahoo systm

Have you ever considered transforming your gruelling indoor training session into something more exciting? Wahoo SYSTM could be just the pal you need. This app isn’t your average cycling companion; it’s like having a coach by your side, specifically tailored to push you through your paces—all from the comfort of your home. (5)

  • Power meters & sensors: Sync up your gear, be it turbo trainers, power meters, or heart rate monitors, for precise performance data.
  • Training plans catered to your level of fitness and goals? Check. Wahoo covers you whether you’re gearing up for a race or improving your overall wellness.
  • Smart trainer compatibility: Do you have a smart trainer? The app allows seamless integration to simulate routes and adjust resistance to mirror real-world terrain.
  • GPS for outdoor rides: When it’s time to swap indoor riding for the fresh air, Wahoo SYSTM also offers GPS navigation.
  • User experience: The app is intuitive and easy to use on iOS and Android devices.
  • Workouts & training plans: Choose from a vast library built by professional coaches, including structured interval training, mental toughness sessions, yoga for cyclists, and strength training.
WorkoutsOver 75 structured workouts that cover all cycling disciplines
Training PlansPersonalised plans based on your cycling data
CustomisationCreate your workout with ease or tweak existing plans
Indoor/Outdoor RidingOptions for both turbo trainers and outdoor cycling routes
Community & SupportAccess to a supportive community and helpful resources like first aid and bike maintenance tips
Free TrialDip your toe in with a no-commitment free trial before deciding if it’s your new go-to training app.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior on mountain bikes or a daily commuter on the bustling city cycle lanes, Wahoo SYSTM could be the comprehensive solution you’ve been searching for. It blends indoor training with real-world routes and packs a punch of personalisation to ensure every cyclist finds their stride.

Are you curious yet? Why not look at some reviews to see how other riders leverage Wahoo SYSTM to elevate their cycling sessions? Or better yet, take advantage of the free trial and see for yourself—you might find your new training partner in this diverse cycling app. After all, isn’t it time your indoor training felt less stationary and more like the adventures awaiting you outdoors?


When venturing into the expansive world of cycling apps, it’s about finding what fits like a cosy jersey—personalised to you. Not all riders are created equal, and neither are cycling apps. Whether you’re after the community feel of Strava, the competitive push from Zwift, or an intelligent training regimen, the perfect app is a touchscreen away.

Ensuring your rides are fun and function-driven can be a jigsaw puzzle—thankfully, the best cycling apps help complete the picture. You might trace scenic routes with Wahoo or grind out a high-intensity workout. Why not look at that challenging segment you’ve been eyeing or upload and share the latest excursion with friends?

Indoor cycling has revolutionised how we train. The flexibility of hopping onto an intelligent trainer and being instantly transported into a virtual world with cyclists from all corners is nearly magical! From Wahoo’s structured plans, which feel like having a coach in your living room, to Zwift’s variety that keeps indoor riding far from the humdrum, there’s something for every cyclist. The best indoor cycling apps can turn a rainy day into a gripping ride through pixelated peaks.

Are you pedalling towards peak performance? Create a training plan with apps that measure your training load to avoid overtraining. Pair with a heart rate monitor or a power meter for detailed feedback.

Maybe you’re an adventurer at heart, and navigation is your compass. For you, it’s about discovering quaint bike paths or challenging mountain bike trails. Or perhaps you’re new to two wheels and require an app that also melds first-aid advice with route planning. Cycling app choices are robust for iOS or Android users—often laden with free versions. Yet, you might cycle towards a free trial first for some exclusive features, no strings attached!

Remember, the best app motivates and should be your digital training partner. Best cycling apps will help you monitor progress, adhere to a training schedule, and provide workouts and training plans. So, gear up, pick the app that aligns with your cycling training goals, and pedal into the future. Who knows, today’s cyclist might be tomorrow’s champion, all thanks to making the right choice in cycling apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our connected world, cycling apps boost your riding experience, providing vital stats, tracking, and even virtual companionship. Here’s a round-up of some FAQs to elevate your next ride.

What’s the top-rated app for tracking your bike rides on Android?

What’s the top-rated app for tracking your bike rides on Android?

Can you recommend any engaging indoor cycling applications?

Can you recommend any engaging indoor cycling applications?

What are the best cycling apps available on iPhone?

Cyclometer and Strava stand out on the iPhone, offering excellent ride logging, data analysis, and social networking features. Cyclometer is loved for its customisability, while Strava’s segment hunting is seriously addictive.

Are there any outstanding free cycling apps that don’t cost a penny?

Absolutely! Map My Ride offers a fantastic free version with route planning, tracking, and sharing. For those new to cycling apps, it’s a great starter without spending your quid.

Which cycling apps provide the most lifelike riding experience?

For a realistic ride, look to TrainerRoad and Zwift. TrainerRoad is all about structured training, whereas Zwift brings the outdoor feel indoors with its interactive game-like experience.

How do I find an app that tracks cycling activity without a fee?

Give Ride with GPS a try. They offer a basic free package for route tracking and sharing, perfect for keeping an eye on your cycling progress without breaking the bank.