Twenty Sixteen Custom CSS Change Log


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07/06/2018 Changed Blockquote Bottom Margin form .5em to 2 em to increase spacing after a quotation.

10/14/2017 Multiple lines added to allow for a black background.

December 17, 2016, and earlier:

12/11 – 12/17–Opacity tweaks. I do not foresee other changes unless I do not adopt the Twenty Seventeen Theme.

12/10–Changed opacity to permit the underlying background to be visible. I have worked at this since April 2016. There were issues with “child” transparency. I wanted none. The changed lines are between lines 8-18. Also, added a 10px bottom margin [line 94] to the comment box. The black line below was too close.

11/27–Centered Translate Element beneath Translate Title

05/12–sized & positioned site-logo [QR Code] [lines  14-20]

04/20 – 04/30–several more changes for vertical space placement after an article is opened, i.e., the Sharedaddy area. I continue to turn site opacity on & off, relative to pictures displayed. Although I like it, I think pictures display best on an opaque page.

04/20–multiple changes since 04/16 to change vertical whitespace after an article/post, sometimes referred to as the Sharedaddy area. In addition, at line 11 I added a .site opacity setting that allows the underlying to be somewhat visible.

04/16–13 page offsets to move them up as they were before I used padding-top for article spacing. They are grouped in a cluster.

04/15–too many lines to list [several changes to reduce white space after a selected article/post on a PC; then, on Mobile Devices]

04/14–reduced perimeter margin, allow for 5% larger 1st row of article title, & reduced widget top border by 1px

04/09–smaller font @ top of Custom CSS Page

04/08–move txt after gallery up .site .tiled-gallery {margin-bottom: .45em !important;}

04/05–removed Blockquote background {background: #f9f9f9}

04/03–blockquote adjusted ~ left pull quote adjustment added

04/01–sidebar {widget} img & gravitar vertical spacing 10px->12px

03/31–[sidebar {widget} related code now follows OLDER POST {#infinite-handle} coding]

03/29–matched font-family, size, and weight for sidebar titles

03/28–last 10 articles title [h4] width set to 80%

03/26–lines 1-7 NEW [several other changes]