Fayetteville, NC Downtown Baseball Park ~ Name Reveal & Video Update, 11/04 & 11/15

Lots to buy here…

Fayetteville, NC Downtown Baseball Park ~ Entryway [Another Look + Video], 11/12

There is a lot of work to be done between now and March, 2019



Fayetteville, North Carolina Downtown Baseball—Stadium Hype, 11/06

This will be an interesting place to hangout!


Photography ~ DJI Osmo Mobile [robot] Panorama, 07/13

A 3-pass [5-shots each] pano



I use a DJI tripod and have attached a light for illumination and color warmth. The light does not move. I have used an iPhone 7 Plus and now use an iPhone X for the pictures. The height of the camera above the floor is determined by the effect I want to achieve.

This video shows the robot’s movement. For a wider panorama, I can select a 3-pass 27-shot capture. The DJI Go App controls the Osmo and processes [stitches] the images together.

DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [canopy–second rain test], 07/07

A much harder [extreme] rain test this time

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Slower Timelapse [24FPS], 03/29

Twelve minutes versus Five minutes.

Home ~ Double Pine Tree Removal–Fast Timelapse [60FPS], 03/29

Raining Pine…