DIY ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme Trailer [a place for solar components], 05/27

Reclaimed space beneath the front counter.


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Photography ~ Micro-Lite Cargo-Go Lite Xtreme–Scenery seen on the drive home, 05/18

A rear view mirror shot [on the road]; West Virginal Capitol Dome, Charleston; [road WV shots by Olivia] & gas station, Mt. Airy, North Carolina


Twenty-Five hours of driving in two days, with LOTS of beautiful things to see. Thanks to Olivia for capturing pics as I drove.


Fargo Quadricycle Update ~ 05/20

Basic Quad:

      • Both generators are installed and working
      • All machining of quad parts are complete
      • Mockup quad fully assembled and ready for weekend testing
      • Early next week, a local powder coater will paint the rear axle cage assembly to match the Catrike Frame painting
      • Late next week, assemble final quad on my frame

      Cage: Note—The cage will not be connected to the rear axle cage assembly because the suspension effect would be lost. Instead Utah Trikes will incorporate the cargo area into the cage itself and support it by the main frame.

        • Planning is complete and all materials ordered
        • Rough Assembly of bottom and rear completed by day’s end
        • Early next week, complete front and top of cage
        • Late Next week, complete cage, including Lexan

        Trailer Hitch: Ashley will make a custom hitch, using a 3/8″x24tpi heim joint to thread on a mount on/in my trailer tongue. The hitch is to be 12″ off the ground. This match up had been one of my concerns [until last night] because, if it does not work, I’ll be forced to resolve before departing. Thanks to Ashley, that concern has been set aside.

        Fargo Grophic Final Fargo Graphic: Early next week, Andie returns to her studio to await a left-side photograph of the Catrike Expedition based quad that will be silhouetted [like the stage coach] to replace the CAD TerraTrike Path you have seen on the artwork. The timing works for Ashley and for me to get to my graphics installer.

        Neck Rest KrispySteve Neck Rest: I have 2 in the mail. I hope to determine which is best for touring comfort. Of course, I have to have the quad and time to evaluate.

        Time is extremely critical here. The exact ship date is still uncertain. Ashley hopes to ship NLT 06/01. I’m hoping for early. The estimated cross-country time is 4 days. That means I could receive it 06/07 [a day earlier] and must get graphics install as well as my accessories and components and be ready to travel with Mr. Giraldo on 06/10. My fall back plan is to delay my departure, travel along, hoping to meet Rafael at Bar Harbor on the 11th or 12th, or elsewhere on the route. Needless to say, the next 24 days will be interesting and exciting. My best-case planning did not happen—no test riding; no trip to Florida, etc. Please stay tuned and lets see how this plays out…

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