Photography ~ Moonrise, Fayetteville, North Carolina–No Show, 07/09

Although it did look that cloudy where I stood, apparently it was cloudy enough between my location and the coast to hide the moon. Anyway…

I went to validate my configuration from earlier today where I want to use my iPad Pro 10.5 as a 4K video camera for the 2017 International Folks Festival Parade of Nations in Fayetteville, North Carolina late September. Continue reading “Photography ~ Moonrise, Fayetteville, North Carolina–No Show, 07/09”

Photography ~ dslrBooth–Walking Vendor, 06/23

I am getting closer to offering near immediate prints of pictures anywhere near me and the van.

To do so, I have added a 3,000-watt continuous power inverter [DC to AC] to the van. It is a part of my original plan for this photo-buggy. That plan included a 4K monitor for pics and video. After this Sunday’s shoot [06/25], I can go around town and offer 4×6 prints of pictures I take. Ultimately, I intend to offer the same in the new Fayetteville, Minor League Baseball Stadium beginning spring 2018 or thereabouts. The inverter does not have a role there except for tailgating [and that’s good].

Today, we took a significant step in that direction.

Technology ~ Photography–SOLOSHOT3 Update, 06/21

SOLOSHOT has been giving weekly updates for 3 weeks now

Still, the first pallet has not shipped from the manufacturer. The disappointing delays mount, with lots of dismayed customers, some angry, and some who have canceled their orders for a full refund. Many placed [paid for] their orders nearly 2 years ago. I ordered 01/22/2016. I continue to wait patiently. In spite of the delays, this is a REALLY cool motion time lapse video!


All end-of-line testing procedures and automation for mass quantities of hardware have been implemented.

Despite this, we have not yet shipped the first pallet due to debugging the initial set-up (aka First Boot Mode).

Despite this, we have not yet shipped the first pallet due to debugging the initial set-up (aka First Boot Mode). Specifically, we are making sure that what’s needed on the back-end for initial setup, which includes downloading the software suite and creating a SOLOSHOT account, is ready for mass amounts of users.

We wish this took only a week to get right, but it’s a continuous process that we are hoping will be done as soon as possible so we can get the hardware over to the fulfillment center at long last. We will be sure to announce when this happens!

One thing that did come together this past week is the Motion Time-Lapse App! Check out the compilation below. Images are straight out of the Optic65 Camera, with the following settings:

Photo intervals: 3-5 Sec
# of Frames: 300-900