Photography ~ Rev. Jesse Jackson [My 07/10 Captures]

Reverend Jesse Jackson, a native South Carolinian, has been present in his home state as it dealt with matters of the Confederate Flag. He was present Friday, July 10, 2015, as events led to removing that flag from the state house grounds. I captured multiple photographs of him responding to those asking of his time. I saw that he is cordial, kind, and seemly delighted to answer questions, pose for pictures, and chit-chat. I trust you will like this study. –jim

[More pictures from my cameras in this Flickr Album]

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History ~ Removal of the Confederate Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina State House, Columbia, South Carolina, July 10, 2015

I am compelled to be here. I lived in Columbia from 1970-1973 while station at Fort Jackson. My family and I have our South Carolina memories.

I went to Charleston after the slaughter of the Emanuel Nine and took pictures there [06/20/15]. As a 1945 black child of the south, this flag is haunting to my experiences since the early 50s.

I am pleased to see it will now be placed in a museum and that this symbol no longer flies on the grounds that represents all South Carolinians.

Here are some of the pictures I took.


It is GONE! […and now, so is the flag pole.]

From flagpole to honor guard to museum curator.

More [240 pictures] in this album.