Photography ~ Facebook– June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge–Day 19

The Prompt is: “How Mom met Dad.”

I submitted a photograph I took at sunrise to represent heaven, as in “heaven only knows.” I do not know how my mother and father met. I published a series of Family Articles, dated June 19, 2016,  to answer that as best I can. This is an aside to account for my submission.

My Flickr June 2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge Album

Family ~ Fannie Caroline Council Artis, 1919 ~ 1946

May my mother rest in peace.

This is the only photograph I have of her. I was a 21-day old baby when she died. I don’t even know the cause of death. Interesting that my father’s [Alex Preston Artis] family gathered yesterday and that today’s Photo-a-Day Challenge is “How did Mom & Day meet.” I have no earthly idea. This is what I submitted:


Heaven knows…

My mother was born May 29, 1919, and my father, July 10,1917. They married October 28,1944, in Dillon, South Carolina–she from White Oak, North Carolina and he from Autryville., North Carolina. He was 27 and she 25. I was born December 17, 1945, at home. My mother died January 7, 1946. I was 3-weeks old.

My grandmother and mother’s sister, Edyth reared me.

I have no earthly idea where or how my mother and father met or anything about their courtship or marriage beyond what I state above.

I came along at a time that my family did not give information about those kinds of things. I do not know my mother’s likes or her dislikes. I do not know what she enjoyed or what made her unhappy. Likewise, I do not know those things about my father either.

I had my grandmother [born October 15, 1880, until her death April 6, 1973. She was 92, yet I did not prod her memory about my mom. During all those years, I did not think to ask…

I wish I had this answer to this question and so, so, many more!