U.S. Army ~ Ranger, Class 9-74–Ranger Buddies Find Each Other 41 Years Later, 03/13

Knutson and ArtisToday, Karl Knutson, commented on my U.S. Army ~ Ranger, Class 9-74 post following the NCA&T SU ROTC Reunion last October.

Thanks to Karl’s find and comment, we are reunited and are now Facebook Friends as well.

Karl, had a 20 Army career, retiring in 1992, as I did. As Ranger Buddies, Karl was a PFC and I a CPT. As evidenced by the picture, we both graduated from Ranger School.

Karl has made my day! I’ve often wondered where my Ranger Buddy is.

Now I know.

Thanks Karl!!!

Jim Artis

Photography ~ It’s FREEZING–Cross Creek Dam, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 02/15

Some of our residents may not know the remnants of a dam create the “waterfall” alone Cross Creek at Green Street in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This postcard sent in 1909 may be a picture of the dam and Newberry Grist-Mill.
resolverSome History: [more history]

Cross Creek and Blount’s Creek wind their way through the city today as they did over two centuries ago. As early as 1747 a Scot named Neal McNeal purchased land near Cross Creek. Between five and six hundred people settled on this land in 1749 (Oates, p. 173). Early mills were established on these creeks and streams. In 1754 John Newberry purchased land where the road to the western back country met with the Albemarle/ Wilmington, North/South road near Cross Creek. Here Newberry built a grist-mill in 1755 which spurred the development of the town of Cross Creek in 1760 and later the city of Fayetteville (parker, p.1 0).

The pictures in the gallery above shows a small amount of ice. I Hope to get back on our coldest morning this week to capture the ice there them. Please stay tuned…

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