Fitness ~ Walking, Tueday Morning, 03/08

To Ramsey Street PetSmart & back…

2016-03-08_13-27-12 PetSmart

Dedication ~ Moses Mathis–The Bicycle Man, Trailhead, Cape Fear River Trail

North Carolina Trailhead named to honor “Bicycle Man”

Moses Mathis worked hard for 22 years to put smiles on the faces of Fayetteville, North Carolina, children by providing free bicycles to them at Christmas time.

Over the years, he became known as the “Bicycle Man.” Since he started the program in his Tiffany Pines neighborhood in 1990, Mathis and his team of volunteers refurbished and distributed some 26,000 bicycles.

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Fitness ~ Walking, Monday Morning, 06/01

2015-06-01_8-52-53 0601

I walked to the gym [Tokay Fitness Center] and back home. At the gym, I did upper-body fitness by lifting weights using the weight machines. Today’s walks were a bit lethargic compared to last year’s walks.

Saturday and Sunday, I rode my RANS Citi Crank Forward Bicycle.

Fitness ~ Cycling, Sunday Morning, 05/31

2015-05-31_7-06-17 Bike Ride

CRW_8507.CRWAnother ride in the bank. I tried the 2nd hill at mile 6. For now, it is too steep to ride seated on this single speed with its gearing. Riding standing is more difficult on a crank forward bike. Anyway, I rode a longer distance in a shorter period than yesterday’s ride. I plan to ride again Tuesday & Thursday. Tomorrow, I may walk to the gym.

Fitness ~ Cycling, Saturday Morning, 05/30

0530 Bike Ride


It has been awhile…

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Dining ~ Carrots & Shrimp, with sour cream, served over a bed of rice–Yummy…, 11/14

Two weeks ago, I harvested the remaining carrots from the garden–like the picture on the left. Last night I put them in a dish–very good!

Ingredients: Onion, garlic, bell peppers [red, green, yellow, & orange] carrots [sautéed in butter] , shrimp [cooked in chicken broth], spices [cinnamon, curry powder, turmeric, & bay leaves, maybe a teaspoon of brown sugar], and sour cream; served over a bed of white rice from the local Chinese Restaurant. The dish was complemented w/White Zinfandel Wine-sea salt to taste.

I forgot to get mushrooms. Since I cook from scratch, I do not measure ingredients.  The dish was tasty enough that I plan to grow carrots again next year. [more pics…]

Fitness ~ Getting Ahead of the Curve, Cycling, 10/13


The ability to move with the times, and adapt to newfangled creations in life can result in improved results and quality of living. With cycling, the ability to adapt and overcome certain variables is imperative in order to improve one’s overall abilities and focus on short-term and log-term goals both in fitness and the procurement of a new skill set. But these cannot be done alone and often the assistance of high-tech equipment or experienced coaches is an unrealistic method of choice due to cost.

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