Avocado [Mercedes] ~ Progress Update [new growth], 12/01

Looking at that new growth at the top–LOTS of it!

Again, now 44-inches tall [from the soil in the pot].

Avocado [Mercedes] ~ Progress Update, 12/01

First quarterly update following the 09/01 monthly. Since being indoors, lots of new growth at the top.

I reported she was 38″ tall in August 2016–one year old. Mercedes is now 44″ tall.

Plants ~ Four Sansevierias Growing well, 10/29

It is rewarding to see plants respond to care.

September 25, 2016, I added 4 more Sans to the living room.


In just 34 days I see nice growth.

Photography ~ iPhone 7 Plus–Camera Portrait Mode [iOS 10.1 Beta4], Oakleaf Hydrangea, 10/17

Year-round beauty from this plant.

Capturing the beautiful hues of autumn.

Shrubbery ~ Pyracantha–Let’s see what happens… [Update], 10/09

What as amazing recovery my Pyracantha has made!

Neither wind & rain, nor ice storm–all in one year did not thwart this plant. It does not have berries this year. Expect those in 2017. YES! [Pyracantha History]

Storm ~ Hurricane Matthew, Fayetteville, North Carolina [Welcomed Sun], 10/09

Mercedes [the avocado] get “real” light.

Good morning Mister Sun!sun-after-matthew_1009

Avocado ~ Mercedes–with a grow light [just in case], 09/28

It worked last year. Why not give it a go again?

Today, I fashioned a light stand [DIY] for my grow light. It produces lots of growth over the fall, winter, and early spring. Although, I think I have good light from the sun shining through windows, I want to ensure this plant grows until it reaches the ceiling [35.5-inches away].

The light is an Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light. My research tells me I should have more growth than I would otherwise.