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At one point, as many a 7 cycles, now 3 + an ElliptiGO.

Gardening from Seeds ~ Squash, Lioness, 04/10

These seedlings are my 3rd batch for 2014, 2 cucumbers [52 plants] and the squash above [27 Lioness Squash]. I have 4 seed packets on the way–Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, beets, carrots, and radish.

I’ve planted several and given many to neighbors and friends. I think Michele Milburn-Poehler [the buyer of my RANS Stratus XP] will be pleased. I plan to transplant these within the week. I started hardening them off today.

The cucumbers I began planting 03/31 are all doing well. I just wish I would see bees swarming around the yellow blossoms.

Aikigreg [BROL Mem.] ~ My Velokraft VK2

IMG_0186 An unexpected [03/26] sale. ‘Bentrider Online Member [BROL] Aikigreg is the buyer. The VK2 was shipped today, 04/14. It took longer than I had hope to get packed. It is done and Woodie, my LBS mechanic, always does a terrific packing job. Now I trust Aikigreg will have as much fun with the VK2 as I did. I took a photo of the package delivery to FedEx. Regrettably, I moved my iPhone as I was snapping the photo. Anyway, Greg enjoy the ride. I know you will take care of the bike. Thanks! and enjoy. –jim

cycles1[1] My stable of 7 cycles [The Magnificent 7] became the Sensational 6 with the sale of my RANS Stratus XP to Michele. With this loss, the stable is known as the Fabulous 5. My sales agent [Woodie] has one of my road bikes and my MTB to sell. I could be down to 4 cycles before my quad [Fargo] arrives. I’m hoping to see a Catbike Musashi in the late summer as a replacement for the VK2. So maybe down to 3, then back to 4, and ultimately a return to the Fabulous 5.