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At one point, as many a 7 cycles, now 3 + an ElliptiGO.

Gardening from Seeds ~ Squash, Lioness, 04/10

These seedlings are my 3rd batch for 2014, 2 cucumbers [52 plants] and the squash above [27 Lioness Squash]. I have 4 seed packets on the way–Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, beets, carrots, and radish.

I’ve planted several and given many to neighbors and friends. I think Michele Milburn-Poehler [the buyer of my RANS Stratus XP] will be pleased. I plan to transplant these within the week. I started hardening them off today.

The cucumbers I began planting 03/31 are all doing well. I just wish I would see bees swarming around the yellow blossoms.

Meet Fayth, my former RANS Stratus XP

Fayth Front Left Side Fayth Right Rear

Now in the hands of a woman, this bike has a different persona. Michele loves the bike and has made it her own. Her artistic skills are apparent. Good job lady and enjoy your ride. –jim

Front Handlebar Bag Seat Bag

Aikigreg [BROL Mem.] ~ My Velokraft VK2

IMG_0186 An unexpected [03/26] sale. ‘Bentrider Online Member [BROL] Aikigreg is the buyer. The VK2 was shipped today, 04/14. It took longer than I had hope to get packed. It is done and Woodie, my LBS mechanic, always does a terrific packing job. Now I trust Aikigreg will have as much fun with the VK2 as I did. I took a photo of the package delivery to FedEx. Regrettably, I moved my iPhone as I was snapping the photo. Anyway, Greg enjoy the ride. I know you will take care of the bike. Thanks! and enjoy. –jim

cycles1[1] My stable of 7 cycles [The Magnificent 7] became the Sensational 6 with the sale of my RANS Stratus XP to Michele. With this loss, the stable is known as the Fabulous 5. My sales agent [Woodie] has one of my road bikes and my MTB to sell. I could be down to 4 cycles before my quad [Fargo] arrives. I’m hoping to see a Catbike Musashi in the late summer as a replacement for the VK2. So maybe down to 3, then back to 4, and ultimately a return to the Fabulous 5.

Today my RANS Stratus XP was purchased

My '06 retun to Fayetteville, NC from Richmond, VA ~ Tour #3 for the year

Thanks to BROL that identified a potential buyer to me and to Michele for taking custody of a wonderful bike. We had many happy miles together and many pictures to show for it.

My flickr pictures will remain, as will my BLOG posts relating to my purchase and various setups of this amazing cycle.

I have a front wheel to be built because I will use my SON Hub on my quadricycle. Woodie, the lead mechanic at my LBS will build that wheel and pack & ship the bike to Michele. I hope it will be on its way next week. It goes to my LBS Thursday.

She will leave me stripped for the most-part. The Ergon MP1 [now GP1] grips, 2 mirrors, and the kickstand go with the bike.

Here is a more stripped picture. I will post another [separate article] just before packing. This is kind of sad. Hurry Fargo…

Crusin' in the Coutry, '08

I wish…

Well, if I had a trailer and a few other things, I could take Silk on a tour to Catrike Rally ’09. I’d take a route near the Google Walking Route. The “B-F” Green Balloons are KOA Campgrounds.

Fayetteville to Winter GardenWell, now that I have the idea, but cannot do so this year, then maybe for CR ’10. Now that I’m thinking of getting a trailer, I think it’s time to trike to Richmond, VA [I made 2 treks there & back on the RANS Stratus XP]. Why not on Silk???

Explain this one

courious flat

As my RANS Stratus XP sat in the house, there was as sudden expulsion of air for no known reason. On attempting to re inflate the tire, air escaped. I removed the tube and found a relatively large holes about 1″ to the left of the value stem in this photo, with an unusual imprint as if something pushed it up from inside the tube. Given the point of failure, there is a second protrusion that might well have failed also. I do have tight fitting Veloplugs in this rim. The only explanation I can offer is that at times when I was not riding this cycle, the tire would deflate and perhaps the tube weaken at that point for some reason. What is not clear is why the deformation rises from the inside of the tube.  There is no obvious marking on the reverse side of the tube to suggest pressure was applied from the opposite side.This is not a puncture flat.

Anyway, I’ll bet that had I ridden [my bike of choice] the 4th day of FestiVELO, I would have flatted yet again.

Okay detectives, why did this happen???

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