Cruzbike Vendetta ~ Its future, by John Tolhurst, 10/09

VendettaI’m recognizing some criteria that are shaping the result pretty strongly, which might not be apparent.

  1. dual 700c wheels
  2. road bike level components
  3. high(ish) rider height because a lot of people like that
  4. alloy construction for economy and the ability to mass produce
  5. compact overall length

Its the best I can do given those criteria, which by the way, are intended to make this bike usable, practical and affordable.

If we went to one-off carbon fiber construction and stuck the rider way low down, then I guess it would be faster and lighter. But it wouldn’t be such a complex design problem.

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Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro On to Turn #3 Video

Also on YouTube

Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro Turn #2 HD Video

Here in High Definition [1920 × 1080]

Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro Turn #2 Video

FilmstripThanks to Dr. Jim Parker for transporting my GoPro Hero camera on the hood of his follow vehicle, I have footage of Maria’s complete ride—much of in in the dark or low-light. Because of other action in the frame, I choose the clip of Maria approaching Turn #2 as the most interesting.

I edited using Windows Live Mover Maker 2011. I hope you like it. Thanks!



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Maria Parker’s Vendetta Century, White Oak, NC, 10/01/2010, Pic

Maria Parker [MPP100Record008]

This photograph taken by Mike Zagorski, shot that with Dr. Jim Parker’s camera.
It is posted in Dr. Jim Parker’s Blog at the Cruzbike Site. He says:

Pending certification by the UMCA and World Recumbent Record Association,  Maria Parker, my lovely wife, has significantly raised the mark for the women’s 100 mile road event. She set the current record of 4:48 (four hours, forty eight minutes) last October on the Silvio (on her way to the 200 mile and 12-hour Records).  On 1 October 2010, she completed the 100 miles in 4:27, averaging a blistering pace of 22.5 mph. Starting at 6:18 am in darkness, in White Oak, NC. She fought wind gusts up to 20 mph under overcast skies as the last remnants of a deadly tropical depression cleared the area. The Cruzbike Vendetta performed flawlessly. Even when heading directly into the headwinds on the 20-mile loop course, she was able to sustain speeds over 20 mph.

Many thanks to John Tolhurst, Doug Burton, and the entire Cruzbike community for helping bring to life such an amazing bicycle. Together, we have created a speed machine for the open road that may have no equal.

I like the motion in this picture. Maria look very relaxed here. Thanks Jim for the permission to publish this picture here. –jim artis

Garmin Edge 705 Speed Metric

After the ride ~ Maria Parker’s Vendetta Century, 10/01


Mike Zagorski joins BROL as mzagorski to respond to members

Mike in Air Sir, you get an A+ for joining. Thanks! I know members are really interested in getting your perspective on both Cruzbikes you have ridden and how you felt today during your record attempt.

What a fantastic opportunity this is. You may or may not know. I am a roadie as well, yet I ride recumbents for the fun of it. I’m treated well by locals and BROL members. Glad you have posted comments there and that you will respond to specific questions.

I appreciate what you are doing. –jim